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  1. C

    Autoflower soil mix from Home Depot

    Basically, I don't have many options here for good soil. I would love to have Ocean Forest but the cost/time to deliver to my area is prohibitive. What they have at Home Depot or local compost is pretty much the extent of my access to soil materials. Is there is a soil mix that they sell...
  2. J

    Jackopotomus' Home Depot Bagseed 2017

    So I am on a real tight budget at the moment so Im building this grow on a homedepot card with 6 months interest free. Today I picked up 4 4ft 2bulb t8 light strips, a 10 pack of daylight deluxe 32w bulbs (6500k 2850 lumens) a 70cfm bathroom exhaust fan, a timer, a thermo/hydrometer, a...
  3. K

    CA: New Cannabis Depot In Garberville Prompts Public Hearing

    To locals still adjusting to the new post-Prop 64 realities of life, a notice on Garberville businesses last week seemed a little opportunistic. But the real story of the proposed Garberville Transport Depot - intended to open at 663 Locust Street (near the corner of Locust and Conger) -...
  4. Serpent

    Black Magic Soil Commercial

    NBA Finals showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, ABC cut to a commercial break for Black Magic Potting soil. Im told Home Depot only in the strategic markets of Washington (legal), Colorado (legal), and Michigan (medically legal) Will sell the soil and even...
  5. D

    D3vilRid3r's - Still In The Closet - LST - 2 Plant Hydro Grow

    :welcome: Hello and Welcome my Still In The Closet LST 2 Plant Hydro Grow. Quick Introduction, A few years ago after receiving my soul back from the government (AKA US Army) i attempted a typical nubzor Ebb and Flow 6 plant grown inside of a closet in Florida in i think it was a 4x4 tent at...