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    OR: Deschutes County Marijuana Hearing Draws A Crowd

    The Deschutes County Commission heard arguments for and against a proposed marijuana production facility to the east of Bend's urban growth boundary Monday. After 21/2 hours of discussion about the 11,000-square-foot facility off Alfalfa Market Road – including vociferous opposition from...
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    OR: Rural Deschutes County Pot Ban Expires

    Bend, OR - The moratorium on growing, processing and selling marijuana in unincorporated parts of Deschutes County is set to expire Thursday. That means those wanting to grow pot can apply for land use approval before requesting a state license. Deschutes County Community Development...
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    OR: Deschutes County Lays Out Rural Pot Business Rules

    Bend, Ore. - Deschutes County commissioners have given cannabis businesses in rural areas the green light. The board recently lifted the opt-out moratorium that banned marijuana businesses in rural Deschutes. Beginning Sept. 1, Deschutes County will accept land use applications for...
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    OR: County Lifts Prohibition On Marijuana-Related Business In Rural Deschutes County

    Deschutes County, Ore. — With reasonable regulations in place, the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners lifted the prohibition on marijuana-related business in rural Deschutes County. Beginning September 1, the County will accept land use applications to allow and regulate the following...