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  1. SweetSue

    The Energy of Attraction - A 21- Day Meditation Experience

    Another of Opra and Deepak's meditation experiences. One of my favorites so far. The Energy of Attraction: Week One, Day 1; The Nature of Desire CENTERING THOUGHT My life moves forward through desire. SANSKRIT MANTRA Eecha Shakti Namah I honor the universal power of desire. Eecha...
  2. SweetSue

    Desire and Destiny: A 21-Day Meditation Experience

    I participate in the free 21-Day Meditation Experiences offered by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. I've had a practice of transcribing the meditations, and today I decided to start a thread for this one. It promises to be great fun and profoundly effective. I thought it'd be nice to share. I'll...