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  1. P33LUM16


    Is it too early to determine what it is going to be?
  2. T


    So recently I've discovered a slight infestation of caterpillars and one of my plants how should I determine whether or not it's bad enough for me to pull
  3. blobfish

    Male or female - First time grower

    hello guys, just found this forum, i think you can help me to determine sex of my plant(pics aren't resized) 2X150W cfl, soil, veg thank you :)
  4. P

    Is this Fruit Spirit ready for flowering?

    Been in veg stage for approx 8 weeks now, drinking 3 litres of water with 4ml of biobizz grow per litre every 3-4 days. I am struggling to determine when to start the 12/12 period and start on the bloom and topmax. Hope someone has some input :thumb:
  5. P

    New Member

    Just joined so I could do some meaningful Christmas Shopping LOL Need to determine who has the best seed and the best prices on lighting