1. Nismo12

    Devil's Carnival: The Community Grow Experience

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Welcome everyone to the Devil's Carnival community grow experience! This is where we can all share our pictures and our thoughts on this experimental strain. Genetics: The "Father" (female turned male using colloidal silver to create female pollen) Sweet...
  2. SmokeGent

    The Devil's Beauty - Dark Devil Strain

    Dark Devil auto - day 48 Grown under 400w hps in soil + Ionic Nutes Tell me what you think, I appreciate any critic or advice! Thanks
  3. T

    Completed Dark Devil Auto - Soil - Indoor/Outdoor Daily Pics

    inspired by others I'm going to give a Dark Devil seed a go. The seed was soaked in a glass of water which included a little liquid seafood fertilizer for 24 hours. The seed was then placed in a root riot cube them put under a homemade dome. Day 1 will start from when...
  4. Stoney Roads

    Dark Devil Auto

    Just wanted to share my Dark Devil. It is on day 35 from germination. The purple is starting to show really nice. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Stoney Roads

    Dark Devil - Coco - Problematic

    OK so I'm in 100% coco and from day 1 this thing has had weird looking leafs. Has anyone else that has grown dark devil had these problems. It is flowering pretty good so far I am just worried she will be shitty. Any help would be awesome
  6. G

    Abandoned Greenlid - Running With The Devil - A Dark Devil Auto Grow

    Hello , and welcome to a dark devil auto grow ! It seems every time I think about the dark devil auto a song pops into my head . You guessed it , Van Halens Running with the devil ! So it only seemed fitting to include that in the title. I will be growing 3 dark devil autos . 2 will...
  7. crazy horse

    Completed Mr Nice - Shark Shock - Grow Journal 2011

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