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  1. S

    Beginner in need of diagnoses & advice

    Hey everyone ! Just looking for some advice , recently 3 of my little ones in veg have started to make these very odd leaves. I won’t say its spreading but it almost seems to be. Originally only one had the issue but now all 3 have it to varying degrees. Living in Fox Farms Happy Frog, using...
  2. P

    Help me identify yellowing edge of the leaves

    Hello, Ijust discovered it and I need your guys opinion on this... This is the only leaf that has these edges, there are some yellowing on the bottom leaves too but they are touching the soil so that's why I think its happening. But I'm not sure about this one it's close to the door of the tent...
  3. 4

    Help! Soil still wet

    I have 3 plants under CFL. All was well until I switched from 18-6 to 11-13, 2 weeks ago and started on a flowering nutrient. Now they look sick and frail. (Could NPK be the issue) Scenario: Miracle Gro potting soil with DuGro all purpose fertilizer 15-30-15. Too much? 7 weeks old. Topped and...
  4. B

    Need help to diagnose - LED burn? Nutrient burn? Disease?

    Hey guys! Brand new here, this will be my first post other than an introduction! But i got a problem thats driven me here, and its been bothering me for awhile. First my set up: Set up: If it works ill upload some pictures to give you an idea, but i built a grow room in the once 'breakfast...
  5. T

    Help diagnose

    Is it nutrient burnt?
  6. Young Yoda

    Dank Doctors Diagnose!

    Hi, I have a sour diesel auto here day 56. She's been getting this problem coming up from the lower leaves very quickly last few days. Soil of course, last two waters were: 6.5 in / 6.5 out water with a bit of cal-mag and silica 6.2 in / 6.5 out 500ppm maxibloom solution + cal-mag Help...
  7. Suren1987

    Feminized non auto flower diagnoses

    Hi everyone, I have a strain that is local (Spain) from what I know. It's called Crystal Palace it's a hybridacion of Lavender. It did have some issues because i started growing it indoors then moved to outdoors and the plant went back to veg and now back to flowering again. Recently i...
  8. M

    Diagnose this plant please?

    Strain - Green Love Potion # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Day 33 from flip Bucket Size - 2.5 gallon Lights - 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - 3-1-2 veg, 2-4 week of flowering 1-5-2, 4-7 week of flowering 1-1-3 Medium - Perlite 25%, soil 73%, dolomite lime 2% PPM - 1300 @ 4 week of flower...
  9. K

    First Time Growing Problems

    Hi all, this is my first time growing and I've been doing studying online for weeks. My setups are: -strain: unknown strains from friends from Paraguay -4*2*5 ft growing tent -100*3w LED light with red:blue 8:1 distance of the light to the top plant was about 12' yet I moved it up to 23'...
  10. G

    Please Help! Seedlings Dying! Don't know what the issue is!

    Hi, i left the plants with out watering on friday and saturday and got back mid sunday to water them. I thought they would be fine but it looks like 3/4 plants did not like that! They are wiltering and i fear it may be too late. I was hoping watering would somewhat quickly bring them back to...
  11. B

    Help! 5th week in flower? Help diagnose problem?

    My plants are on their 5th week of flower and I'm pretty confused on what's happening to them. Almost all of plants leaves at the top of the colas are canoeing downward and are super dark and leathery. Also most of them are single bladed leaves?? Some of the fan leafs are starting to show a...
  12. R

    First plants need help diagnosing

    Hello Everyone, I've posted a pick of what seems to be small whiteish spots on some of my leaves. They appeared on all my plants. I currently have 2 very new ones, and 1 that is progressing very well for the moment. I've given them the best soil I can find. The PH level is 7, I water them...
  13. G

    Pics of sick plants - please help diagnose

    Newbie 1st grow desperately need help diagnosing why leaves are turning yellow/brown Some of my fastest growing plants are yellowing and dropping leaves - other planets seem just fine Problem seems to be getting worse after trying to let them dry out more and selectively fertilizing...
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