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    What are these leaves telling me?

    Hi, Here I am continuing with my first outdoor grow. So far, I’ve dealt with bugs and nute splash :) I have quite a few leaves turning and I wanted to consult if it’s just normal yellowing or if it is something else, such as lack of water or a nute imbalance. I’ve grown indoor before, and...
  2. K

    Help diagnosing issue I'm having

    Hi any help figuring out what is going on here would be great! Critical mass cbd by dinafem Grown in sea soil in a 10 gal under led Nutes are iguana juice grow, AN cold pressed seaweed and AN calmag Using r/o water was feeding at 400 ppm Watering at 6.5 ph runoff coming out at 6.2 This...
  3. J

    Help in diagnosing what is wrong with my plants

    Hey All, Have searched various threads on this site and have not seen a plant with the same problems Im encountering. This is only the second time I have grown. First time went pretty well. Currently growing 3 plants - all different strains - all with the same problem. I will start by trying...
  4. M

    Help Diagnosing my plant!

    I'm new to growing and my plant seems to be doing great besides a few things. The top leaves are huge and very green, but are doing the 90 degree clawing thing which makes me think it's getting too much nitrogen. But, the bottom leaves are turning yellow, shriveling up and falling off which...
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