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    UncleBadTouch First Grow Journal March 2013

    :welcome: Right of the bat, I didn't have much growing experience to start with, nor saw myself growing in the mere future (Unless we got a weed crisis going on). I did always had a huge curiosity when it came to cannabis. I was first introduced to the magical plant a while back during my...
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    First HID Grow Purple Kush clone Diamond Og Clone

    in the beginging they were 4 clones from the green dragon out in the valley in socal 2 clones were shot out of the gate they wernt even routed rookie mistake even purchasing but it happens. well heres 3 week veg first weeks of flower heres heading into week 4 heres...
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    First HID Grow From Clone(s) Purple Kush Diaamond OG

    weeks 1 through 3 clones came from green dragon collective in the valley ca. clones were shot when i got them 2 out 4 1 didnt root period like it wasnt ready when i got it. pretty much a genaral hydroponics grow my base from start to finish 3x3x6 greow tent 400 watt dimmable lumetek 400sl 400...
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