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diamond series

  1. DgC 4Life

    DgC's Multistrain Hempy LED Grow 2012

    Hows it going long time lurker but finally decided to register to, in all honesty, get some advice with my grow and hopefully become more motivated to keep better notes. Alot of helpful members here so decided it was time. Anyways down to the good stuff... Unfortunately I couldn't start from...
  2. T

    Need help deciding on new light

    Hey guys, I am in the process of saving up for another light, as of right now I have only bought my lights from hydroponics hut, and I am currently using a pg550, two PG 260's, and 4 50 w plasmas in a 4x8 area to flower. This has done well, but the plasmas cannot operate as standalone lights so...
  3. SteveHman

    SteveHman's Advanced LED Diamond Series - Lucy & Sage - Grow 6.0 - NFT

    It’s time to start a new journal, it seems like these things go so fast. This time around I have switched up a few things. The first big change was in the way I took clones. I have a 60 site ezcloner, and I have 100% success with it. But it has it’s downsides. First, it costs about $350...
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