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  1. M

    First ever grow - Help!

    okay I got a cupboard grow going. batmix and light mix with a dual spec 200w cfl. this is now about 6 days into the grow. it's looking messed up to me. I probably over watered it and when I went to woreceive one day I didn't turn the fan on it got like 95f in there for a good 8 hours.
  2. Ron Strider

    GA: UGA's Natrez Patrick Won't Face Marijuana Charges

    Criminal charges against Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick have been dropped, ESPN.com reported. The district attorney's office in Winder, Ga., decided not to pursue the marijuana charges against Patrick, nor will they charge Georgia teammate Jayson Stanley with DUI. The duo were driving...
  3. F

    Leaves are turning yellow in middle! Why?

    I have two plants which aren't good now. Everything was ok but 5-6 days ago they started to turn yellow in middle. See the pictures And this is how plants are look at the moment. 4-5 weeks in flowering. I use 3-6-6 solution every second watering which is usually on every 2-3 days...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: Bay Area Women Get High On Cannabis-Infused Tea

    Three dozen women, most wearing cocktail dresses and vintage hats, gathered in the backyard of a private Mill Valley, Calif. home last month to snack on delicate finger sandwiches, chat, and microdose on cannabis-infused tea. The "High Tea" was one of a few recent Bay Area parties hosted by...
  5. Bigjake8


    I'm loving this site learned so much last few days and hope I can help others in the future I'm a part time smoker job related but my wife is a regular and I'm at my first real attempt at growing been about 20 years since last attempt that didn't turn out in a closet thanks to everyone on here...
  6. L

    Autoflower - Ready or not?

    Hey guys! That's my first plant ever, its autoflower "quick one" it started flowering stage like 2 months ago and for maybe two weeks it didn't change, I'm not sure if it's ready or not as the buds are really tiny but most of the white hair turned brown some time ago. Should I wait or is it okay...
  7. B

    first time grow. please help

    what does it looks like? the smaller plant didnt look good from the begining shoult i keep it? or just destroy it cause its just eating up nutes and if it has low very low chances to survive the spots on the leaves i think are my fault (sprayed them and probably didnt gave them enough darkness...
  8. B

    first time grow. please help

    what does it look loke? the smaller plant didnt look good from the begining shoult i keep it? or just destroy it cause its just eating up nutes and if it has low very low chances to survive the spots on the leaves i think are my fault (sprayed them and probably didnt gave them enough dark after)
  9. M

    My first Northern lights grow

    Let me know what you think and if it's going well as I do not know .. this plant is auto and I didn't realise it was on a countdown from start
  10. R

    Help! My cannabis plant is really short

    This is my firstgrow..... I have one plant that is in 4th week of veg. It has 6 nodes but has bent horizontal then up. I didnt notice anything wrong until it was almost done 3rd week. I did research and my best guess was my LED light was too close and it didnt want to grow up and stretch...
  11. W

    Wilting DWC hydro lady

    About three days ago my beautiful bushy gal all of a suddent went into a full instant nose dive in a major wilt. I cheked her numbers and had nuts about 738 abnd ph 4.46. I didn't mean to have it so low....add some baking sode to bribng her into range and waited a day to see if she'sd perk...
  12. S

    Cayenne pepper & slimmed milk?

    I was watching the latest episode of Weediquette the other day and what the grower in the show said caught me by surprise. He said he didn't use pesticides on his plants but rather he said he used cayenne peppers and skimmed milk. Are there any in the group that do this and if so what does what...
  13. S

    Cannatonic day 24 flowering still struggling to produce pistils

    Hey Everybody, Day 24 cannatonic 12/12 flowering under (2) LED's in 7 gal pots with ff Ocean forest and Happy frog. Didnt use nutrients until day 18 when I watered with 2 tsp/gal bb, 1 grow big, and 2 tiger bloom. Then day 22 watered with 3 tsp/gal bb, 2 grow big, 2 tiger bloom. They have...
  14. T

    Stem is elastic - All leaves dead

    Hi My plant didn't make it through a hard time in the summer days here. It was way too hot and it didn't last - all the leaves died and broke off. However, after cutting it off estethically I waited and it grew some brown little tips that ressemble buds. Should I keep taking care of it or kill it?
  15. HashGirl

    Quick Draw 500-DLX vs Arizer Solo

    My husband and I bought a new portable vaporizor for me last night. It's purple and called a Quick Draw 500-DLX. I liked that it was purple and that it said it could vape liquid, extracts and herbs. We've had some grapefruit shatter since about February, stored in the freezer but didn't...
  16. M

    Eagle Claw - Need advice ASAP

    I did a little research and found people callin it 'Eagle Claw' I have had this problem for the past 2 weeks but it's only on the leafs about half way up. I had to re-pot about 3 days ago the plant didn't go into shock or anything but the fresh soil didn't seem to help. I haven't used any...
  17. R

    Raymonts DWC & LED 4 Buddah Tahoe OG

    Well I planted a mother and she grew a bit, I took some cuttings and sure enough the light schedule outside caused them to bloom. So I put them in a DIY DWC that I made from a 27 gallon heavy duty tote from Lowes. Blasted them with 700 watts from a mars II. 30 days in and almost done revegging...
  18. T

    First grow and I have a sick plant - Help

    Hey guys I'll try add as much info as I can Grow room 4x4x2, 600 watt MH, temps 78of, humidity 44-48%, two fans one small desktop fan and a large fan, 5'' outtake fan Got the Euforia clones Friday, coca was damp got them home and didn't water. Noticed some yellow spots on the leaves and a few...
  19. L

    PA House vote?

    Hi all, I heard a tiny bit of info on the local news (Western PA) that the MMJ bill was supposed to be brought to the floor maybe one day next week. I looked on the state website and didn't see anything listed. Has anyone in PA (or anywhere lol) heard? Thanks a bunch :)
  20. E

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello Everyone !!, A lot of Knowledge here..Thank you to everyone that has asked a question or answered a question..Didn't take long to find the answer to my question..:goodjob: EdPop420 !!
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