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    Bomb seed tent 4x4x6.5 Includes: 2 x thc bomb and 2x widow bomb been battling pest thirps or gnats since the get go . Limited amount of them but still enough to be present and make a pest of themselves see what I did there lol
  2. R

    Afterlife and why it's a load of

    When I am smoking my weed, I often think deeply on matters such as the afterlife... and why it's the biggest, most disgusting excuse people have ever used. Especially this day in age, can't people just accept the fact that they are going to die and go nowhere? I mean, in my opinion, it's...
  3. Y

    Seedlings Look Sad

    At first, sorry for my bad English, I am not native. Hi guys, i hope it will be my first grown, I bought 2 vision seeds auto white widow and 1 advanced seeds jack herer and I started to germinate them. They are now 10 days old. In first 7 day, there was no problem, they crack their seeds and...
  4. G

    Torn cotyledon from removing seed husk?

    my seedling has been emerged from the soil for around 3-4 days now. It still has the husk attached to it and seems to growing taller than usual. Out of concern i removed the husk as gently as possible. It was really stuck on there quite tight. upon getting it off I noticed i could smell a fresh...
  5. W

    Jungle boys grow tip #5 let the plants die on the vine before you cure

    In the los angeles episode of marijuana mania, Ivan from the jungle boys says to let the plant die on the vine before you cure. Can someone explain what this means? Does it mean to stop watering it and let it die before harvesting?
  6. R

    Another Intro

    Holiday Greetings! 3rd time grower..still learning. I'm in the healthcare business in the midwest and totally look forward to nationwide legalization before I die. No issues yet, but as we all know, time marches on. :thumb:
  7. ptk2k

    Why do I suck at cloning?

    It's my second year successfully growing and I have yet to have a clone not die. In my latest attempt, i got rockwool cubes. Something i never had before haha. Anyhow, I took these clippings 2 days ago. I have clonex, a humidity dome, and temps between 80-90. Are these clones going to die? they...
  8. S

    Wonder what if?

    hi..i wonder what if i put my plant (needs one more week of flushing)and then harvest....so if i take it of the pot and clean the roots woth water so no soil on roots and then put it on a botle or something else with just water...is it going to work?u know guys i just try to experiment ...i...
  9. P

    PH test liquid

    I accidentally feed my plant with this liquid 3 drops in 4L water will my plant die?