1. I

    Nasty leaves on outdoor GG plant! Help!

    This is my 2nd time growing and have been spotting a bunch of shit on my leaves compared to my other 4 plants. They’re all the same size and grown in the same place but this one has little black dots of shit from insects and has white residue stuck on it. Today is the first time I look in really...
  2. C

    Seedlings are dying

    Planted these seed the 13th and 14th of December, my first grow. Germinated in paper towels and put them in 50/50 Coco and perlite. Led 45w 24/7 Im doing the maxibloom only (Lucas formula). After I took the doom of I started the ventilator, the seedlings are dieing. Temperature around 23...
  3. Godsgarden747

    New 1st RDWC serious problem

    First DWC - Grow help - All my girls are dying All my girls are dieing any advice please help idk what's wrong turning dark green at tips like wet and curling up or all most decinagrating and almost see threw any advice please asap it's Happening quick
  4. W

    Help my weed plants are dying

    Help pleasee :( Hello i have 11 white cookies i got from crop king seeds and they are about two and a half weeks old and i walked up to check on them and water them and the poor plants was all tipped over and has light brown spots over the leafs and the stems got super small :( Idk what to do...
  5. M

    Bottom Leaves Dieing during Flowering Week 1ish

  6. L

    Completely dried yellowing leaves

    hello, i have three plants growing, all were very healthy until 2 days ago when i noticed a few yellowing spots on just one, the other two are still very healthy looking, no spots at all and they are getting the exact same treatment as the one that is getting unhealthy, same light, gowing in 1...
  7. 420 Junky

    Dieing lower Leaves from an unknown cause to me.

    Does anyone have an Idea what's wrong with her lower leaves? OMG I'm freakin over here. She's a 5 weeks old outdoor plant and she's been doing this for 2 weeks now. I flushed her a week ago and the death of the leaves wont stop. Is it nutrition deficiency? If so, which one? Nitrogen...
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