diesel ryder

  1. Giovanni831

    Gio's 180W LED Auto Diesel Ryder Coco

    Going to be starting a new grow after a slight hiatus from growing and subsequently keeping journals. I decided for space issues that I would do a cabinet grow with autos and LED. Also I have deviated from Aero and DWC that I normally use to coco coir. So without any further holdups, here are...
  2. N

    Noob coco grower needs help

    Hi All, I need some help w my lady. Specs: - Coco Coir / perlite (75% / 25%) - strain: Diesel ryder (auto) - nearly 3 weeks from seed - 400w MH bulb running at 360w @ 6500k - plant at approx 30-40cm (about 1 foot) from light source - watered daily w/RO water, PH~6 EC<0.1 - first...
  3. SoilGuy

    SoilGuy's LED Indoor Soil Grow, Easy Ryder & Diesel Ryder

    Hey 420Magazine Forum, This is my first grow in awhile so please give me all your comments, suggestions, and questions. This is an indoor organic soil grow in a Growlabs GL40 The soil is Fox Farms Ocean mix 100% Nutrients are still up in the air. Will either be Canna or Advanced...
  4. basement grow

    10 Gallon Bubble / Diesel Ryder Auto Fem / 400W HID

    Days are listed as from seed going into water. Day 5: All 3 are up now, 1 is showing roots thru the bottom of the net pot. Temperature control has not been easy in the res. Temps staying below 80F though, mostly in the 70-74F range. Room temps have been a cakewalk due to the room I am...
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