digital ballasts

  1. L

    Ballast question

    After buying a larger tent online I'm thinking about stepping up to two lights. I'm currently running a 600w digital dimmable ballast by omega. Question is; do I have to run two of the same type of digital ballast? Is there any reason why I couldn't run one omega digital ballast and the other...
  2. C

    Abandoned First Grow - Advice Welcome

    What's up 420MAG! Super excited about my first official grow and even more excited to share it with everyone and hope that it brings as much information and answers as possible. I just put 12 girls (clones) under the light yesterday and things are going so so. I'm going to share with...
  3. CnstntGrdnr

    Digital Ballasts: 120V vs. 240V, what's the difference?

    High! I'm in the process of shopping for digital ballasts for my up and coming FIRST grow and wanted to ask y'all a question before I spend a couple of hundred dollars on this piece of equipment. I noticed there's an option to buy a 120V OR a 240V digital ballast - I'm not an electrician...
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