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  1. J

    My urine looked very diluted during my pre-employment drug test - Am I gonna fail?

    Just wondering, I've smoked one very light hit of marijuana over 3 weeks ago and yesterday, I was scheduled for pre-employment drug test. Just got the drug test done this morning(after drinking a lot of water and gatorade) and am now worried about if my employer will let the diluted urine...
  2. D

    DesertGrower's Continual Journal

    Hi all, This is going to be my first journal. I'm currently finishing off 8 white Rhyno plants and also starting 6- strawberry blond & 10 Mango Skunk My set up will be constantly evolving as this is my 1st and 2nd grow so I have a lot of expanding and learning to do. Flower Room Set...
  3. FedLagNoMoe

    Cleaning seeds?

    I've seeded a few plants outdoors and was wondering if there's a good way to clean seeds before storage. I was thinking of swirling them around in diluted H2O2 or 70% alcohol for a minute or so, then dry. Any thoughts?