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    Diluting CO2 Oil

    Hello, Does anyone know if I can make pain medication by diluting co2 oil in sunflower oil for pain therapy rather than smoke it. The bigger med can LP sell a sunflower oil that is taken by the milliliter. I keep reading it's an extract, so would it not be the same? Thank you
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    What are the chances of me passing a urine test in the next 7 days?

    Hi, im alyssa and i have a pre employment drug test coming up in the next 7 days. body info: i am very petite and a female Height: 4' 11" weight: 80-85lbs waist: 30inches metabolism: high State: Colorado Daily Smoker:2-3 bowls a day with occasional dabs, medium to high grade...
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    difference between dilute and super dilute results

    I just got a new job and the only thing left to do is pass a drug screening. I havent smoked in 6days and have been drinking water like crazy the past few days. I also read in the screening waiver that a dilute negative would count negative dilut positive would count positive and a super dilute...
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