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  1. S

    Dinafam Cheese - Purple stems in hydro - Help please

    3 week old cheese clones under 600 watt LED full spectrum light. I'm using Maxigrow from general hydroponics right now at 460 ppms. Ph at 5.7-6.0. Flooding 5 times a day. Ebb flow. Clay pebbles as medium. Temperature high 77-78. Humidity 50-60. They started off very nicely everything green I did...
  2. GivenToFly

    GivenToFly's Soil - OG Kush & Black Jesus OG - Mars Hydro 1200

    Hello. Greetings. Salutations!! Let's grow some marijuanas!! We had a little delay but we are a go! I hope I manage to follow the rules and live up to all these other amazing journals that have helped me get this far!! Quick backstory and then we can get to the good stuff! I found cannabis...