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dinafem autos

  1. SunnySunny

    8 Site RDWC: Gelato OG, & Coco Multistrain: Gods Gift, Critical Jack Auto 2, Cheese XXL

    Hey everybody who’s joining the journey, glad that we are on the same page perhaps in this case. Because I have some news and tips and tricks while assembling and building the new garden. I’ll get to my first grow in details as well (Here was the first one lol - Fast Skunk & White Widow, Coco...
  2. 20180712_094853.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
  3. 20180629_064004.jpg


    DAY 40
  4. 20180607_064051.jpg


    Day 18 - Dinamed CBD
  5. 20180529_175737.jpg


    Day 9 - dinafem dinamed CBD
  6. Widowsnest

    Widownest’s Soil Royal Gorilla Fem, Amnesia Haze Auto & Dinamed CBD Auto - 2018

    Welcome to Widownest’s second journal! I have a diverse lineup that I’m very excited to get going and I’m glad that I can share it with all of you here. Please feel free to ask questions, question my methods, share your point of view, and point me in the right direction. Just so we’re all on the...
  7. 20180523_095700.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD DAY 4
  8. 20180523_095618.jpg


    Day 4 disaster
  9. San Trovaso

    CanaGrow's - Indoor Soil Dinafem Dinamed CBD Auto 300W LED

    Here we go fellow growers! Ordered directly from Dinafem on 4/20 (had a decent seed deal of double your order) so ordered 3 Dinamed CBD Auto Femenized doubled to 6 and a free criticle plus (photo) This entire grow will be done on a pretty tight budget using my existing cheapo setup. Hey its...
  10. E

    4th Grow - 5 Dinafem Autos

    Dinafem Autos: 1 Critical 2.0, 1 Cheese, 1 Critical Jack, 1 Original Amnesia and 1 Kush'n Cheese. I put them under 400 watt HPS and 125 Watt CFL together AT 14TH of April. 1 Critical Jack, 1 Original Amnesia and 1 Kush'n Cheese were planted at 26th of March but did not make progress until...
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