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    Kush n cheese
  2. si12

    Si12 400W LED Soil LST - Santa Bilbo, Lemon T Kush, Red Dragon, Crit Jack, White Sib

    Setup Strain Bank S/I% Santa Bilbo Genehtik ??? Lemon Thai Kush Humboldt 60/40 Red Dragon Barney's Farm 70/30 Critical jack Dinafem ??? White Siberian Dinafem 25/75 400W LED (compared to a 1000W HPS) Tent size 120x120x200 Soil Biobizz Light on 14Lt Smart Pots...
  3. B

    BoratSagdiyev - 4000W Sealed Coco

    Hello guys, I'm about to start my first coco project. I'm having the following equipment - Secret Jardin 300x150x200 5x600w with cooltubes and adjust-a-wing reflectors. ventilated outside of tent Twin controller for humidity, temperature and neg pressure Planning to set 20 Dinafem Moby Dick...
  4. W

    OG Kush Dinafem - Harvest soon?

    hello guys, this is my og kush from dinafem seeds day 64 flowering, some advice would be nice to make the right decision about harvesting, here are some pics, also i found like 3 bananas in 1 of the 3 plants i have, do i need to cut it and get it out of the indoor? the seeds bank time says 55...
  5. J

    My first grow setup

    Hi guys, I am a new grower and planted my seeds yesterday. I am using cocopeat,vermicompost,vermiculite in 1 : 1 : 1 ratio as my soil mix. I mixed them thoroughly and filled 2 5 gallon and wet it.I planted 2 dinafem feminised OG kush seeds ( 1 in each pot) directly without any prior germination...
  6. O

    Original007's DWC OG Kush Grow Journal - 2017

    Hello fellow growers, browsers and information seekers. This is my first grow journal, and my second grow all together. I will be updating this thread on a regular basis with pictures, current conditions, nute doses, life cycle etc etc... So hopefully my girls will turn out prime. :rollit...
  7. C

    315 CMH - CBD Auto-Flower Grow 3 Strains From Dutch Passion - Dinafem & Green House

    :Namaste: Hi there this is my first journal, here we go. Growing is a art in itself, I believe you have to be patience. Show love and treat it with respect and in return will get a great bounty of reward from your plants. Man it's good for stress aswell. Am I the only weirdo who likes look at...
  8. H

    Herbies Updates 22nd March 2017

    Back in stock seeds. You can see the full list here Hortilab StarKush Seeds Holy Smoke Strawberry StarDawg Fems Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana Fems Hortilab Sour Star Seeds Holy Smoke Strawberry Diesel Fems New Seeds. You can see the full list here Purple Caper Chocolate Chip...
  9. S

    Critical Jack - Dinafem

    Hi ! Here is my last harvest, critical jack from DINAFEM, :cheer2: Currently drying, can't wait ! :drool::Hookah: Thanks for reading :Namaste:
  10. Jackofall420

    Dinafem Blue Widow

    Should be fun Mars II 1200 Flora series nutes Today starts week 3 Blue widow by Dinafem Big bud xxl by ministry of cannabis And there's a clone of heavy weight strawberry cake I've also started a few auto flowers of blue kush and white widow both by Dinafem.
  11. cannilingus

    O.G. Kush - Dinafem

    day 58. flush tomorrow. (a bit late). harvest on day 63, i figure.
  12. FunkySkunk

    Dinafem Critical Kush - 600W MH/HPS - Funkyskunk's 3rd Grow

    Evening all, I haven't been growing for a while, but have recently moved to a better location, so decided to get me grow on again!!! After a pretty poor effort last grow, i'm determined to get some good yields this time. 1200x1200 grow tent 6" air cooled MH/HPS 600w Canna CoCo using Canna A...
  13. S

    Sh4man's Organic Garden - Soil - 400W - Strawberry Amnesia & Amherst Sour Diesel

    Hi guys, I just started a new winter indoor session a month ago and decided to share it with you. I will begin this journal from day 5 of flowering. Strains: -2Strawberry amnesia (Dinafem) -1Amherst Sour diesel (Humbolt seed organization) -1OG kush (Dinafem) -1CBD therapy (CBD Crew) The...
  14. PurpleGunRack

    Sea of Freebies - SoG - LED - Organic - 1mx1m - 9 Plants

    :welcome: Hi 420 and welcome to my little Sea of Green side project! :welcome: Germination started 02NOV2016 I'm doing this SoG grow to clear out some freebies, try some different strains, getting a fast harvest and trying SoG style growing. I intend to veg for 2-3 weeks, right now...
  15. H

    Herbies Updates 8th September 2016

    Hi Guys Quick update. Our free seed offer changed yesterday, you can see all our offers at ! Free Seeds - Herbies Seeds New Seeds Critical Mass Collective Auto Sour Melon Mass - 20% THC up to 180 gr/pp outdoors Critical Mass Collective Auto Mendo Mass - A Monster Mass, Mendocino...
  16. Mufasa 94

    Blue Dream & OG Kush In Soil - First Time Grow - LED 450 - Nice

    Hello, naturalists! :peace2: This is my First grow. Please, welcome new lives to our Universe - Blue Dream (Humboldt) and Og Kush (Dinafem). I am looking forward to learn and grow with the community. Respect. :slide: Grow info Seeds: Dinafem - Og Kush, Humboldt - Grow Lights: LED...
  17. O

    OCBudds - Soil - Dinafem White Widow Auto - LED Grow

    Ok, so this is my first time growing an autoflower plant and my first time growing indoors. I have previous experience growing outdoors but current situation no longer allows for that so here I am.. This grow is already in progress. Today would be day 12 from sprout, day 14 from seed. I had...
  18. buddha buds

    Green Crack- HSO - OG Kush x Cheese - Kush n Cheese - Dinafem 9 weeks flower

    WHOLE CAB GREEN CRACK - Humbolt Seed Organization OGKUSH X UK CHEESE (KUSH N CHEESE) - Dinafem PEACE <3
  19. H

    New Free Seed Offer From Herbies Seeds - February 2016

    Offer applies from 1.30pm (GMT) on 4th February 2016 and replaces all other offers ! Buy Cannabis Seeds - Worldwide Delivery - Herbies Marijuana Seeds and ! Herbies Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seeds All orders 1 x Dinafem OG Kush Feminised Seed 2 x Afghani Regular Seeds Orders Over £50...
  20. D

    My Big Girls - Outdoor 2015 - Central WA - Blue Hash & Power Kush

    Hello and welcome to my 2nd outdoor grow. Freebies from Dinafem: 1x Blue Hash and 1x Power Kush. Soaked the seeds for 24 hours, then into solo cups. Popped above soil ~4/20/2015. Moved outside when low temps were over 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Moved to 5 gallon pots, then to 10 gallon dirt pots...