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  1. HiddenGrow

    Is It Safe? Mars LED Problem - Spring Growing Indoor

    Hey there friendly cannabis growers. After taking some time off of cannabis growing, a voice inside told me to get back to the garden. I got my MH and my 4x4 up and running, grabbed some seeds and put them into the earth. After some trial and error, Frustration and an unlucky amount of males I...
  2. B

    New grower LED question - Please read

    Hello all :Love:....help me if you can Does the diode watt size correlate to the distance from the plant they need to be? Example....If a light with 1 watt diodes can be closer to a plant than a 3 watt, 5 watt...etc Can a light with 100 1 watt diodes be put closer to a plant then a...
  3. kelticBlue

    DIY LED repair-replacement photo tutorial

    Hi all this is my first attempt at a DIY. I needed to replace 4 lights on my reflector 96x5, blue ones. My tent got pretty hot last year and they may have suffered. The manufacturer was kind enough to send me replacement ones. Disclaimer: This job will take a little mechanical aptitude but is...