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  1. George Mc

    I am in need of a Fox Farm feeding schedule

    I have done searches on this site and on the internet and came up with different charts. Can someone please point me in the direction or post a picture of the best feeding schedule for cannabis. Thank you in advance
  2. R

    Where is the box for general discussion

    Like title :shot: new forum so plz give me some direction :D
  3. C

    Taproot has reversed direction help please!

    First time grower, and I used the paper towel method for germination. 2 out of 3 seeds have a healthy looking taproot, but on the 3rd seed, the taproot emerged from the shell about 1/8th inch, and the turns back and hugs the seed...the taproot is a U shape, and the end of the taproot is at the...
  4. MrOutDaWay

    First Grow - Bag Seeds - Advice Welcome

    Started with 12 bags seeds germinated in the paper towel method which was successful in which 10 of the 12 germinated and I proceeded to plant in clay pots with a organic miracle grow soil or potting mix big mistake. Had lost already 6 plants before I corrected that mistake and put it in the...