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  1. Mosspb


    Hello all, I was working at a very sizeable operation this week, and was given about 3 pounds of wet clippings. The clippings are from and automated trimmer, and at the consistency of lawn mower clippings. These clippings are all from sugar leaves or directly from the bud itself so they're...
  2. O

    Silencer placement

    My current set up is filter to 8" hyperfan connected directly to a 90 elbow that is attached directly to a back draft dampener that exhausts directly into my attic. My question is can I attach a silencer after the backdraft dampener? I need more airflow but can't adjust the fan higher then...
  3. Far East Buds

    Clones directly to hydroton

    I run top feed and my seeds I just popped directly into the hydroton and they really liked it. I was wondering why wouldn't clones like this??? Has anyone tried this? Thanks for reading!! FE