discoloration on leaves

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    Weird blotches on leaves

    I made a thread the other day, and thought I came to a conclusion. I was debating between phosphorus and nute lock. Then I decided to take a look under my 5 gal, and noticed she had 1/4 inch roots sticking out, so I added a second pot under her with 1/4 soil. That was yesterday. So it still...
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    Is this a nutrient toxicity or deficiency?

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with a couple of my plants. I'm not sure if this is excessive nutrients or is it a lack of nutrients? I'm using general hydroponics 3 part nutrient mix. I've fed each of them around 3 times. Each time, I watered/fed each plant with 1 gal distilled water...
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    Help! Whitening of leaves overnight

    First time caretaker grower, & I'm in the 5th week of vegetation. I've had many, many issues with PH balance which has stunted the growth. FYI - aeroponic system 20 gallon soilless 15 min on / 15 min off water pumping into root system 18 hrs flourescent lighting 6 hours darkness good...
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    Need advice please

    I have fan leaves that are turning color and spotting (see photos) and I believe it to be a calcium deficiency but got cal-mag and have been giving half doses and haven't noticed much of a change. Most of the fan leaves got so bad that we had to trim them off. Just trying to figure out what this...