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    January Sale At Herbies Seeds

    Herbie would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Until the end of January we have a 50% sale on many seeds, check out our cannabis seed sale page to see all the discounted items. :) We have also added new strains from Big Buddha Seeds - Sch'Lemon Cake as well as a new breeder...
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    Herbies - 12 Days of Christmas Discounts

    Herbies - 12 Days of Christmas Discounts For 12 Days (starting today) we are offering 12% off everything - no minimum value and including all clearance items. Just enter promocode HERBIEXMAS at checkout We have also just added 11 new Big Head strains to our site: Big Head Confidential...
  3. Cannapot

    Cannapot - Elemental Seeds - Grizzly Kush, True Berry & More Great Seeds & Discount

    :Namaste: We now have a few ELEMENTAL SEEDS on stock at our shop --> Elemental Seeds regular : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot And we also have reduced them at the moment, so check it out and get some superb genetics for a good price ;) If you want to get more discount just use this: 12%...
  4. Cannapot

    Cannapot Cannabisseeds - 12% Discount For 420Magazine Members - Till 31st January

    :Namaste: We have 12% discount for every member of the 420Magazine-member...just use the following code during your checkout: 420Mag12%JAN2018 So visit out Cannabisseeds Store @ Hanfsamen & Cannabissamen online bestellen im Hanfshop and order - this discount is available till 31st Jan...
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    Get 10$ Off Using Discount Code 10BucksOFF www.NukeHeads.com

    This discount code 10BucksOFF requires a minimum order of 50$ Visit us at www.NukeHeads.com
  6. Cannapot

    10% Discount On All Cannabisseeds At Cannapot Till 22nd May

    Hello :Namaste: For all 420 Members we have 10% discount from today till 22nd May - you only need to order as usual and when you go to the final checkout just copy this Discount-Coupon-Code "10420MAGYZ2205" into the field ... thats it :) I wish you a happy sunday, all the best J.
  7. LEDRF

    Perfect Sun LED - Higher Par Than 1000w HPS - Save $50 - Q&A

    Hey, so I've been working hard to get the new Perfect Sun COB to the market, and it is finally here. I also have a $50 discount for you guys. Black Diamond LED grow lights Perfect Sun This light is amazing. It covers 4x4 with the same average umols as a 1000w HPS, and has a more efficient...
  8. K

    CA: Marijuana Growers Get Agricultural Discount On Utility Bills

    PG&E is giving marijuana growers a break when it comes to their energy bills. The company announced that cannabis, or marijuana, will be treated as an agricultural crop. So growers will get the same discount that other farmers get. Some have called marijuana California's new cash...
  9. K

    AZ: Marijuana-Legalization Supporters Protest At Phoenix Discount Tire

    A group of protesters gathered with signs outside a Discount Tire Co. in Phoenix on Thursday morning to show their opposition to the Scottsdale-based company's donation to the anti-marijuana legalization campaign. Discount Tire recently donated $1 million to the campaign opposing Prop. 205...
  10. CropKingSeeds

    20% Discount for 420 - Valid for 1 Day Only - April 20, 2016

    Order now and use this code 42016 Get 20% Discount!
  11. H

    Herbies 420 Promotion 2016

    Herbies are offering 15% off all orders made between 4:20pm on 20th April 2016 and 4:20pm on 21st April 2016. 15% off any order - no minimum value Just enter code HERBIES420 at checkout Applies to all sites www.herbiesheadshop.com, www.autofloweringseeds.com, www.herbiespicknmixseeds.com...
  12. CropKingSeeds

    Crop King's CBD Strains Now Available

    Hello All, We would like to inform everyone that our CBD Strains are now available and ready for ordering. Make sure to use 420MAG-10 when you place your order to get a 10% discount. Click on the links below to check them out: CBDream CBDutch Treat
  13. Twilight LED

    50% Discount on 11 Grow Lights to Celebrate 11/11

    Today is the Nov. 11th, in China, this is a holiday for shipping, in this day, all goods which is selling on the shop will have 50% discount. To appreciate support from 420mag. , we prepared 11pcs LED grow light in our storage with 50% discount, here below is the list of them...
  14. SmokeCartel

    Labor Day 10% Store-wide All Weekend at Smoke Cartel!

    SmokeCartel is excited to announce we're having a 10% off storewide discount all weekend long for Labor Day! Use Coupon Code "LABORDAY" at checkout. :) We hope you enjoy, and have a lovely labor day weekend!
  15. AutoFlowering Seeds Bank

    Weeds Day Every Wednesday 20% Off All Products!

    Now for only 24 hours come and enjoy 20% discount on all Seeds Packs do not forget to use your discount coupon 420MAGAZINE To get 10% discount more :cheer2: For a total of 30 % on all products Only today Wednesday Click here :peace:
  16. Massdrop

    26% off Vapman, The Pocket-Sized Vaporizer

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Vapman (26% off - $99.99) Please PM me or email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Kunal kunal@massdrop.com
  17. S

    Socialization - Discount With At Smokewire.com Online Headshop

    This is a opportunity for everyone! Get yourself your favorite bong for cheep! BIG discount and FREE gifts included in the next 7 days. Save 100 bucks and more! Now! :) Coil, honeycomb bong, straight tube, percolator and many more. Cyber week before cyber week, only on smokewire.com. More...
  18. Budmaster LED

    Exclusive 420 Medical Member Discount on Budmaster II

    Hi guys and girls We are happy to offer a 10% discount on our Budmaster II 675XG and 1200XG to medical growers who support 420Magazine. Just contact us for a discount code to use on our website. We have also partnered with Deep Impact plant care and will be including a free sample bottle of...
  19. Nirvana Shop

    Nirvana Shop 420 Discount + More Special Offers!

    Howdy, folks! You haven't heard from us in a while - we've been really busy planning lots of cool stuff for our customers. First, we would like to offer our fans at 420 Magazine forums an exclusive discount code for 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop! This code will be valid until the end of...
  20. nhpainrelief

    Natural Herbal Pain Relief of San Jose!

    To the 420 Magazine World; Our previous posts were deleted due to breaking some of the posting rules, but do not fret for we have already contacted 420 Admins about this and received the green light to re-do our post! :peace2: Natural Herbal Pain Relief is a Non-Profit Collective focused on...
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