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    Trees lower lights from 8/11 have yellow leaves from the bottom up

    chào mọi người! Cây t hạ đèn từ 8/11. tự nhiên có một lá vàng từ dưới lên. Tôi hỏi một người bạn, anh ta nói: “Đổ thêm mật khẩu vào, cây không thiếu”. Nền đất chủ sở hữu: than bùn, trùn quế, đá trân châu, xương cá, cỏ linh lăng, neem, gắn thêm 100g GAIA 284. Từ khi hạ đèn hàng tuần, nước: humic...
  2. Possible TMV

    Possible TMV

    Slow growth, leave cup, harvest diminished.
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    IV cannabis?

    Is this done intravenously? Where? For what diseases? With what results?
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    Help not sure what as wrong with my crop

    Hey guys really need some help into what's going on with my outdoor plant, Im pretty sure I have a thripe problem but I've sparred it an next day it looks mighty worse anyone please give me ideas or a solution to it whata going on with it, 2 weeks ago it was going amazing heaps of growth no...
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    Clones from dispensaries - Northern California - Current health status

    First time grower here. I have read previous threads regarding buying clones from dispensaries. I understand that there is an inherent risk of buying clones with some form of pest of disease. If I were to take that chance, which clubs should I go to in the bay area? Are pest and diseases from...
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    GB Sciences Seeks Patent For Cannabis-Based Treatment For Bowel Diseases

    GB Sciences is seeking a patent for marijuana-based mixtures capable of preventing and treating several inflammatory disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The patent application involves using cannabinoid-containing complex mixtures (CCCM) to disrupt the signaling pathways of...
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    IL: Republican Party Under Fire For Rejecting MMJ, Doctors Want To Push Its Use

    The Republican Party is making rounds online from Ted Cruz quitting the presidential race to Gov. Bruce Rauner rejecting medical marijuana as a treatment to lots of known diseases on May 2 in Illinois. Doctors who believe that medical marijuana could help treat diseases like diabetes and some...
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    These Diseases Could Qualify Under Georgia's Medical Marijuana Law

    Georgia last year legalized a limited form of medical marijuana, but efforts are now underway to not only expand the law but significantly boost who would qualify to use it. At least 23 states, plus the District of Columbia and Guam, offer some form of legalized use of marijuana for medical...
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