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  1. D

    Help with distance

    hi hi im trying to find the best distance for a 400W LED + 350W LED in 0.90*0.90
  2. D

    Light distance

    hi im trying to find the best distance for platinum led 400 + platinum 350 in 0.90*0.90 its look like till week 4-5 its can handle with even 12 cm distance and its make her be just awesome!!, but around week 6 problem start end im trying to find the lowest distance. or if there is any hour...
  3. F

    400Watt HPS light distance from seeds?

    Hi! I just planted my germinated seeds today, the light is at 27'' from the top of the soil. Its a 400 W HPS. what distance should I set the light to?
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: SF Board Supports Farther Than Proposed Distance Between Cannabis Shops, Schools

    Three years after recommending San Francisco allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open closer to schools, the Planning Commission has voted to maintain the 1,000-foot buffer between cannabis and kids. The commission recommended last Thursday that San Francisco keep the 1,000-foot buffer...
  5. ChronicMonkey

    LED distance questions

    hey guys i have a few lighting question about different led's when it comes to led strips, alluminium channel bar, led bulbs and led grow panels. do they all need to be kept a certain distance from the plant or does the different light setup make for different distances. Here are a few i was...
  6. S

    How Does Light Distance Influence Plant Growth?

    ok, so ive been reading forums on many different sites, and ive learned a hell of alot! But with this rapid influx of knowledge comes zero first hand experience... i also have a learning disability and often struggle to understand, and use the knowledge properly I've struggled hard with...
  7. A

    g13-haze first time grow! 600w hps light question...

    hey everyone! its my first ever indoor grow tent. im using a 1x1x2 m tent, having a single plant(g13-haze) and im using 600w hps single light with cooltube. what is the recommended distance from the plant??? now the distance is 60 cm(23.6 inch), i told to keep it 18 inch...what do you...
  8. T

    What distance should I keep my LEDs from seedlings?

    I have a 80x80x160cm grow tent with two lights inside that fit perfectly. I have a mars hydro 300 and 600 but the actual wattage is 140 and 265watts. I have two cookie Kush seeds and two og Kush seeds. They have sprouted perfectly but have slowed down significantly the last few days , im now on...
  9. M

    Germination with 250 Watt Mh light ?

    is it okay to be germinated with 250 watt mh light ? and average distance for not to burn seeds ?
  10. P

    Best distance from LED light to jiffy cube for seedling stage

    Morning posters, I am using a MarsHydro 300w (60x5w) LED panel and i have a seed inside a jiffy cube for a few days now and i am wondering what the best distance from the light to the jiffy cube i should be maintaining? Right now it is about 1 metre away from the jiffy cube. I noticed the...
  11. Tris420

    Hanging Distance 6x23Watt CFL 6400K

    Hey 420 Friends ! I guess the Title says it all :) Whats the Hanging Distance for CFLs in my Veg Room ? Thanks in advance !!
  12. maryjhomegrow

    CFL Light Distane from Early Veg Stage Plants

    I am simultaneously using 2 CFL bulbs: 1. 325W 2. 150W So, that adds to 475W altogether for 2 early veg stage plants in one small grow room They are both 6500K Colour Temperature What distance should my bulbs be from the plants? They are currently about 2-4 inches away, I...
  13. M

    Led distance from top

    hello guys, I'm going to buy an led light (140w) with 60*3w leds with castom spectrum: Red:630-670; Blue:430-470; Orange:610-615; White:270-650K; IR & UV. my tent is: 40x40x140 cm and I'm going to grow 2 feminized plants, in 18l pots, with soil and hesi nutrients, as usual. Do you have a...
  14. W

    Cant delte i guess but its about the topsy turvy (upside down growing)

    but i have pics now on the other thread
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