distilled water

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  2. P

    Tap/Distilled or R.O water?

    Hey! I have a plant in veg! So far I’ve been watering it with tap water (pH tested to 6.0) raised to 6.5pH. I’ve been hearing Reverse osmosis is the best to water with but a system can be quite pricey. Will distilled water suffice or do I need to buy a system? Or is the tap water reliable? Does...
  3. Perfect Sun LED

    Cheapest PH stable water best for coco r/o vs dispensed water

    One problem I have had with coco is keeping the ph in the coco stable. When ever I used store bought water, it was super easy to keep the PH stable because the water's PH is stable and my nute's PH is stable; however, that water is expensive. But, I found a solution. R/O vs dispensed...
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