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    First Grow: Soil, LSD & Vanilla Kush 12/13/2017

    4 Barney's Farms LSD (fem): Skunk #1 X Mazar: Indica 70% Sativa 30%, and 3 Barney's Farms Vanilla Kush (fem): Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains: Indica 80% Sativa 20% Germinated seeds directly in soil mix (about 75% Fox Farms Light Warrior and 25% Fox Farms Ocean Forest) after soaking in...
  2. H


    The last 2 years I have been growing dwc in 5 gallon buckets. This required the use of distilled water. I now have the Titan Control Flo N Gro 8 bucket system w/ 55gal reservoir, what type of water do I use???? If distilled where do I get that much water besides buying 55 one gallon bottles???
  3. B

    I am looking for somebody to help guide me through my first grow

    I have a 4x4x7 gorilla grow tent I am growing in soil promix hp and hydro dwc 5 gallon buckets I have a Bluelab monitor and I am will be using distilled water i will be using general hydroponics nutrients I have I just started the germination process I have four blueberry fem seed in distilled...
  4. F

    White Widow Auto Day 43 Yellow Leaves Over Night

    I am currently on day 44 on a White Widow Auto grow. I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forrest In 3 gallon pot. Using Fox Farm Trio. Big Bloom 3/4 tsp Grown Big 1/2 tsp Tiger Bloom 3/4 tsp Mixing in Distilled Water Ph at 6.5 Temps 81 high 74 low Humidity 45% Tent 3x3 Lighting Viparspectra 300 and Mars...
  5. G

    Recommended water treatment

    Hello there, I come from a city that has fluoridation and chloramine added to the water. I believe they are less than 10mg/L (<10ppm) each. However, I can't get a solid answer on this one. I'm wondering, is it absolutely necessary to get an RO filter? How easy are they to install (if it is...
  6. S

    Advice on Humidifier - What water does everyone use?

    Hello I have just introduced a Humidifier to my grow tent and its got through 4lt in one day, it holds 8lt. I don't want to keep buying distilled etc water as thats just not cost effective for me. The manual says that it can take distilled and cold boiled water so my plan was to used boiled...
  7. R

    My First Grow!

    It's my first grow and I'm looking to journal it , and get some advice from you guys Seed is auto dark purple from delicious seed bank Running 2 , 65 watt cfls 5 gallon pot fox farm ocean forest and distilled water It was planted on Friday so it's been 3 days
  8. S

    Lights or nutrients?

    suggestions please? 14 days old, northern lights auto, ffof soil, 5gal pot, 700w marsII light 24/7, i've applied no nutes at this stage, 3x3 tent, 1 240cfm exhaust fan, temps average 70f, 60/65 relative humidity, 32 ounces of distilled water every other day. she looks limey in color, mottled...
  9. B

    What kind of water should I use to flush before harvest?

    Hi I'm new to this and I was wondering what type of water to use to flush before harvesting some people say tap water some people say distilled and from what I hear my tap water has chlorine and bleach in it. can I use purified water or should I stick with distilled water I currently use...
  10. P

    Crop King's Early Miss Auto Journal

    I am growing early miss auto. Yesterday i mixed black gold natural organic potting soil and black gold prelite and i filled a 2 gallon flower pot with it. I then watered the soil with a quart of distilled water waited a half hour then planted a not germinated seed 1 inch under the soil. 3 hours...
  11. C

    Distilling a finished tincture

    I want to know; if a finished tincture is distilled, does the THC remain in alcohol? Does any have experience with this? Any info would help please. Equipment/supplies: 1 gal 80 proof GSC cannabis tincture 1 air still Hydrometer Carbon filters
  12. MegeBudz

    What water to use?

    Hey all... About a month into my grow and have used nothing but distilled water in my ebb and flow system (coco/clay pellet medium). Been doing some reading and I see two different camps on distilled water... some say don't use it.. others say do. The reason I went with distilled is...
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