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  1. L

    Need help sizing up my DIY grow cabinet

    Friends, next month's it's going to be 2 years that I'm here amongst you. I read a lot, learned a lot and finally I have space so will get to have my own grow going. Extremely excited but now that it's crunch time also feeling bit lost! Long story short, I need your guidance and help planning a...
  2. bbrown219

    White Widow Auto/300w Led/Canna Indoors Homemade Cabinet Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow I've been growing now for 6 years and really have gotten the hang of things and want to share my experience and need help also from time to time. With this grow I want to see if i can reach 8 oz of dried and properly cured bud. I did a Road Runner auto...
  3. D

    DIY - Enclosure

    I have a couple clones that I started a couple weeks ago that have been in my main tent. The reason that I even started them was when I was hanging my fan in my tent I dropped it and it broke a couple small branches off my plants. Since my light schedule is on 12/12 now having these clones...
  4. B

    BHT's 2nd CFL Soil Grow - White Widow & WWxBB - FFOF - DIY Cabinet

    Bubba's 2nd CFL grow Howdy again all. Those of you who were following my first grow (see link in signature below) know that I ran into all kinds of snags and ultimately ended up with a failed grow. Both of my previous plants came from Blue Dream bagseed and I'm convinced that bad genetics...
  5. K

    Building a better SuperCloset

    I've been looking around at all sorts of grow cabinet set ups, but after lurking around forums I've decided that I could build my own. I was originally going to buy the LED Trinity 3.0 (here), but I think I can do it better at about half the price. My goal is to emulate this system. I have done...
  6. Korloin

    Noob looking for feedback

    I built a 2x2x4 cab after a half assed attempt at growing some bagseed. Tried experimenting w/ CFL's at first, but I was having some serious heat problems due to my ignorance and inexperience with proper ventilation (and killed a couple seedlings in my hubris). I've been lurking on here for a...
  7. i.play.4.keep

    First Try DIY Cabinet CFL ScrOG in Soil

    I have a journal in progress and I'm havin a hard time getting input over in the journals forum because so many people also have journals in progress that are much more impressive lol. The link is in my sig and also i pasted it below. If you have time please check it out and leave me a comment...
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