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  1. D

    DIY LED Project! 90 x 3w LEDs - Stage 1 - Any thoughts?

    Hello people! First post! I wanted to show you my led project, to collect any thoughts anyone might have on it. We can call it stage 1. This is a list of what I decided to buy and work with. (Nice and simple) • 1 x Alu Heatsink W190xH35xL500mm • 2 x Alu 1,5mm PCB Board 108mm diameter. 36...
  2. TimberGrowLights

    Timber DIY Cree CXB3590 Kits Available Now

    Hello 420Magazine Members, Timber is pleased to announce the introduction of our Cree CXB3590 DIY Grow Light Kits! These kits are designed around the Cree CXB3590 COB LED - considered by many LED growers to be the best - and are a passively cooled design - no fans required. We pre-wire...