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  2. Ron Strider

    Researchers Map Marijuana DNA To Unlock Cannabis' Full Potential

    Cannabis can be used in the treatment of numerous conditions, from epilepsy to alleviating the side effects of cancer therapies, but the full extent of the plant's medicinal benefits remain largely unexplored. A new research initiative hopes to address this by mapping the cannabis genome in a...
  3. Ian Bastage

    Tweed - Sun-Grown Sour Kush By DNA Genetics

    Strain Name – Sun-Grown Sour Kush From – DNA Genetics – available only from Tweed Main Street (Licensed Producer in Canada) When – 8/2017 Price - $7 per gram (minimum purchase: 5 grams) Type – Indica dominant. THC 14.9% CBD <0.07% Appearance – medium green with orange pistils. Frosted. Small...
  4. DobeWan

    DobeWan's First Grow! LA Confidential & 24K Gold - LED - 3x3 - Coco

    Hey everyone! :welcome: to my grow journal, hopefully something here piques your interest and you stick around for the ride! I use cannabis to treat my IBS and have had some real successes, but I've had trouble staying supplied with what I need. So I decided to grow my own. This will be my...
  5. K

    'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

    Critics are calling "reefer madness" on a new study from Australia claiming smoking pot will give your kids cancer. Cannabis has been shown in cell, animal and limited human trials to prevent, halt or kill cancer, researchers note. Australia is getting world-famous for their reefer-madness...
  6. B

    DNA 24K Roll Out Drum Roll Please!

    What's up everybody so this is my second post I am in a med state I do have over ten years of growing expertise long time lurker figured its time to share some of my experiences and knowledge and couldn't be more excited to roll out my grow journals then with DNA Genetics 24K this strain is...
  7. S

    Selecting next strain - Any advice?

    Hello, i had harvest my first grow with good results i believe, i´d grown two strains from "eva seeds" one indica and one sativa Monster (Sativa) Tnt Kush (Indica) i had chosen these seeds basically cause they are cheap and it was my first grow and i supposed that a lot of mistakes was to be...
  8. H

    H1gher3's - Soil - DNA Genetics Tangie - Grow Journal - 2015

    4x4 Grow Tent 1 PlatinumLED P450 1 1000w Nanolux digital balast powering a Hortilux HPS 1000w bulb @50% 6" Badazz Blower inline fan hooked up to HPS 8,000btu(I think, can't remember exact)portable a/c outside of tent now with half duct off and ran into tent. Pots- 5gal smart pots Soil-...
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