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  1. Coloradokid19

    CK’s Hibrix Adventures

    What’s up all, with it being 2019 and having had my garden 100% hibrix for a while now I figured it was time for a new journal. I have a bunch of exciting things going on this year as far as pheno hunting goes so I hope you all enjoy the cultivars I’ve chosen to hunt! Right now in flower I have...
  2. Sherbet


    Grown in Doc Buds High Brix Blend
  3. Ken's GDP

    Ken's GDP

    Growing in Doc Bud's High Brix Blend
  4. Sour Patch Kids, mids

    Sour Patch Kids, mids

    Growing in Doc Buds High Brix Blend
  5. neikodog

    Neikodog's High Brix Sativas

    Welcome everyone to my 3rd journal. I've been out of the journal game for a bit and figured after the gangs trip to Jamaica I would start a new one. The Setup: 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower. Lighting: All LED all unsponsered for flower. T-5 and unsponsered Veg LED for Veg. Soil: Doc...
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