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  1. N

    Help: Need a doctor

    Our doc won't write one. We need help.
  2. R

    Patients Are Struggling To Get Medical Marijuana In New York

    It took Paul Ellis of Sugar Loaf over five weeks to get medical marijuana for a close family member with cancer - but it wasn't cheap, and it wasn't covered by insurance. "It's a very secretive kind of thing," Ellis said. "I'm hoping that's only because it's so new, that it's only three...
  3. R

    Illinois Hospitals Differ In Handling Doctor Recommendations For Medical Marijuana

    With the medical cannabis dispensary set to open in the capital city, many people will be able to buy medical marijuana in Springfield, but only if you're approved by the state. You also need your doctor to recommend you in order for the state to consider you. Each hospital has its own...
  4. L

    Heavy smoker: Doctor now giving drug screen to get my Adderall in 30 days

    Hello! I have been a heavy smoker for a while now, and smoking daily for the past year. I usually smoke a couple blunts a day, with the good stuff, not the brown brick weed. Anyway, I went to pick up my Adderall prescription from my dr's office today, and there was a post-it note on the back...
  5. L

    Where has the joint doctor gone?

    Where has he gone? Why are all his seeds sold out from the usual places for months. I was kind of joping hed be beinging something new soon. Only place i seem to see his stuff is branded as seedsman
  6. R

    Medical Community Divided On The Future Of Marijuana In NYS

    Last week, New York State launched its medical marijuana program, making approved forms of the medical marijuana available with certification at designated dispensaries. "They call this medical marijuana, what it really is is extracts of marijuana that are at issue," said Ken Leonard...
  7. E

    Hi I'm Egun6969

    I had a brain injury a few years ago. I need some help locating a doctor in Calgary that can help me out.:thumb::thumb:
  8. J

    Third Illinois Doctor Faces Punishment Over Marijuana Recommendations

    An Illinois doctor has been accused of unlawfully charging patients for marijuana recommendations. An Illinois doctor accused of unlawfully recommending medical marijuana without proper doctor-patient relationships now may lose his medical license, as reported by the Star Tribune. Dr. Bodo...
  9. G

    Looking for MMJ Dr on eastern shore of Maryland

    I'm looking for mmj dr in maryland (eastern shore). Does anyone know of one?
  10. S

    Elko NV Medical Cannibis doc

    looking for an MD or DO that will prescribe marijuana for my medical condition. Have grower and card from previous state, need prescription from doc in Elko NV or surrounding area. Thanks.
  11. S

    Need a Doc in Delaware

    Hello all! I'm looking for a doctor who is willing to give a recommendation for a med card in Delaware. From what I have looked up, there doesn't seem to be one, or at least no one on the internet is aware of their existence. A a coworker of mine more than qualifies for one under the state...
  12. O

    Category B - Ontario Canada - my doc says yes - what now?

    Hi folks, I am in Ontario Canada and hoping to get my MMAR license. I had testicular cancer last year, and now I am suffering from what counselors are calling post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. It was a rough go and I am having trouble coping. I had never even tried weed. Some...
  13. A

    Connecticut resident looking for pro doctor

    Hi I live in the wonderfully cough cough state of connecticut and the just recently passed medical marijuana. I have extremely painful gastro problems that inhibit me from enjoying daily life activities, eating, sleeping, even going to the bathroom is an ordeal. And nothing I have done or tried...
  14. S

    Need a doctor in Oregon

    Hey all I am looking for a doctor in Eugene, OR that takes OHP and is pro medical medical marijuana. I need one in the next few days so if anyone could give me some help at all that would be awesome. Thanks, Spencer
  15. 4

    MMA Doctor Ontario Canada, eastern Ontario

    Hi I am looking for a medical marijuana friendly doctor that would be willing to Prescribe. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and find Marijuana a great medicine for my symptoms. I am sick of having to buy weed on the streets, and having to be afraid of getting caught by the cops...
  16. SeattleOrchid

    Seattlite searches for Doc

    Hey there. I currently reside in the Belltown side of Seattle. I have been using MJ for years for anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately neither of these seem to fall under the WA State MMJ Act. I am a very successful woman, working in a Mental Health institute as a Caregiver. I am by no means a...
  17. L

    Illinois Medical Marijuana doctor

    I have heard it is true, i know it is possible. everyone is talking about it. i know i would qualify. Where and how do i get medical marijuana prescription?
  18. D

    Doctors for Arizona

    I'm new to the site and I have some questions. I have never smoked before, but we passes prop 203 in Arizona. It legalizes medical marijuana in Arizona. I'm 21 years old I have been diagnosed with a muscle myopathy I also have pain twenty four hours a day/seven days a week in my low back. Along...
  19. AFFAP

    Restless Leg Syndrome - It's not a joke

    For the last week, I have been suffering from extreme discomfort in my legs, which gets worse at night. Has anyone used medical cannabis to alleviate similar symptoms? I've done research and seen my primary physician about it, and I have an appointment with a neurologist soon. I am 18, and my...
  20. A

    Where to get a permit if I live out of state

    I am certified crazy, along with many other problems. Seeing a doctor, and handing over my medical records would be no problem. Is it a state that offers out of state permits? Must I live in Cali to smoke? I need help-
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