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  1. M

    First grow - Is this normal?

    Hi. Just wondering if it's normal for a plants hairs to begin turning brown so early? Have included pics. She doesn't feel "big" enough yet? Cheers in advance
  2. H

    Outdoor Crop King Green Crack

    I am looking for input from anyone who has finished this outside in Canada, Zone 5. I have heard it doesn't have good weight and density. any pro knows if a bud doesn't have good 'weight' you just have a big puffy and the plant is a lumpo. I also have CK bubba kush, blueberry and sour...
  3. S

    Newbie - Straight outta the box

    Hello everyone, Scoop here. I am a newbie here, first post coming at ya. I live in Southern Cal, Disneyland area you might say, so if yawl are familiar, pretty much the best weather on the planet. I have had a so called, Green Thumb for years and want to transfer my growing skills over to 420...
  4. HashGirl

    Subscription Not Showing

    Good evening. I'm subscribed to Sweet Sue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall but I always have to access it through my User notifications as it doesn't show up in my Subscription List. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  5. C

    What is this white bugs?

    :Namaste: It's only in the soil, only in one of my two pots, it doesn't seems to be affecting the plant but I don't really know if its bad to have it. They kinda jump when I water the weed and it doesn't seems to be Cochineal
  6. R

    Cannabis, human rights, and the 'carrot test' Monsanto doesn't want you to know about

    Cannabis, human rights, and the 'carrot test' Monsanto doesn't want you to know about.... The carrot test - YouTube
  7. M

    Fresh air circulation

    Hey guys... I'm very beginner and really enthusiastic about growing indoor marijuana. I'd be very happy if you illuminate that: I'm living in a flat and thinking of growing the plants in a room, not in a cabin. The idea of opening a hole on the wall doesn't seem like applicable. This...
  8. S

    Food Intolerances

    Hi, Anyone had any success with fighting problems with food intolerances? I do not have true allergies but just feel achy, tired, sore joints, etc. My diet is so limited it is laughable (stewed meat/fish, carrots, salt, water). THC is great for regular bowel movements, but CBD doesn't...
  9. Heraldo

    Rhodelisation, hermies and autos

    So I've been reading up on rhodelisation. Some places say it makes hermie prone seeds and others say it doesn't. Anyone have experience with this technique? And with autos?
  10. DoubleO420

    Spider Mites

    Are spider Mites more common in organic soils or doesn't it really matter?
  11. B

    Add CalMag+ to Promix HP when using R.O water

    I am wondering if people add Calmag+ in this circumstance. I've read a lot of contradicting information. I've read That Promox HP doesn't need it since it has it in the mix...others say that although it is in the mix, it doesn't 'break down' fast enough for the roots to access it...