1. Ron Strider

    Pot For Pets: Could Medical Marijuana Help Your Dog

    Alison Ettel, MBA, has never got high for fun, but she'd like to feed your dog cannabis. Why? Alison is the CEO of TreatWell Health, a Californian firm making medical marijuana products for people - and their canines. Her rivals include Treatibles, which sells a hemp oil "for animals of...
  2. Ron Strider

    Experts Say Medical Marijuana Could Be Good For Pets

    Dogs are man's best friend, but what if they have arthritis, or just need to chill out? Researchers at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and stoners everywhere are totally stoked about a new study that suggests marijuana is not only good for humans, but for dogs, too. In an ongoing...
  3. A

    Keep dog away

    Hi there. any tips for keeping your dog away from your plants outdoors aside from blocking it off
  4. Ron Strider

    Ireland: Sniffer Dog Scooby Discovers €230K Worth Of Cannabis At Dublin Airport

    Revenue officers at Dublin Airport seized 11.6kg of herbal cannabis after stopping and searched a 31-year-old Malaysian man who had arrived on a flight from Madrid. The haul was discovered following routine profiling, with the assistance of detector dog Scooby. The drugs have an estimated...
  5. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Legalization Is Another Reason Dogs Should Not Issue Search Warrants

    Until recently, Kilo, a drug-detecting dog employed by the Moffat County, Colorado, sheriff's office, had a good, reliable gig, justifying searches by alerting to vehicles cops deemed suspicious. But a state appeals court ruling published last week casts doubt on Kilo's future. The decision...
  6. Ron Strider

    Pot-Sniffing Dogs' Jobs Haven't Gone Up In Smoke

    Legal marijuana is in the air across California, but local and state law enforcement agencies say they won’t retire their pot-sniffing narcotics dogs anytime soon. At first, it might seem like California’s legalization of recreational pot would render canine units’ weed-sensitive noses...
  7. Ron Strider

    Dope-Smoking Mother "Cures" Her Dog's Anxiety And Arthritis With Cannabis Oil

    A mother who smokes cannabis claims she has cured her dog's anxiety and arthritis by making biscuits with oil from the drug. Marianne Dickson said her rescue dog Honey used to cower from other dogs, and was nervous before she baked the treats with a dose of CBD oil six months ago. Although...
  8. L

    Lymphoma & Canna oil

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. Although I have been reading a whole lot for the past month since my buddy was diagnosed. He's 10yrs old this year and I got told he had Lymphoma. He has swollen lymph nodes Wich have gone down a bit but not much yet. Me,the vet and family all decided against...
  9. Katelyn Baker

    BC: Hemp Treats To Middle Earth

    Dogs in New Zealand are about to get a taste of the North Okanagan. True Leaf Pet, a Vernon-based company that manufactures hemp dog treats, has entered into an agreement with a Christchurch, New Zealand, company. Starting in April, Liberty Premium Pet Products will distribute the chews to...
  10. L

    Hi everyone

    Im recently retired. Bad back, gonna get worse. Wife is bipolar,schitzophrenic,OCD,etc. So you can see we have lots of fun. Well we leaving New Orleans and going to Colorado with our 4 pound dog. Looking for a nice place to buy goodies and stay. Need some recommendations please.How much can we...
  11. Katelyn Baker

    MA: With Marijuana Legal, Many Police Dogs Are Now Overqualified

    Quincy, Mass. - Before he was cleared to join the force, the newest dog at the Quincy Police Department was brought into a room containing more than 200 pounds of marijuana so his handler could see what he would do. "No interest whatsoever," said Lt. Robert Gillan. The dog, Charlie, passed...
  12. R

    Mast cell tumor

    Hi today I found out from the veterinarian that my 12 year old Shih Tzu has a mast cell tumor on her leg. Unfortunately because of the location it cannot be removed. The veterinarian put her on Benadryl and Pepcid AC. 2 years ago my mom had breast cancer and we purchased some RSO for her...
  13. cbgb

    Chem Dog 4

    hey folks , anyone work with chem dog 4 x nlh 5 ? 50 day veg, i went to 12/12 flower on 07/15/16 and no sign of sex yet. i know patience is a virtue but all the other strains i have worked with showed sex after a few days and no longer than 7 days i am doing the 420 worry...
  14. Katelyn Baker

    Cannabis Dog Treats May Help Calm Pets On The 4th And In Thunderstorms

    Denver - This weekend will be filled with barbecues, bonfires and fireworks. For us humans it's a beautiful and patriotic display celebrating our country's independence But for pets like Colleen Kahoe's rescue dog, fireworks can be high stress, high anxiety and highly uncomfortable. "I...
  15. J

    CBD for dogs?

    I couldn't find a specific CBD section so if I'm in the wrong spot, sorry. You can move my thread. I have a very small dog who is constantly shaking and had seizures when it was younger. It is very anxious and seems like the seizures might have given him brain damage or something because...
  16. S

    Anyone heard of SoCal Cat Piss strain?

    I bought clone from local dispensary, bud tender said it was a Walker OG x something that I can't remember.. he mentioned Snoop Dog was involved with the strain Anyone know of the strain? And it's genetics. Info ect :thanks:
  17. H

    My DIY air carbon scrubber

    ok so anyone who's seen my posts (look me up) knows that im strapped for cash! so im now 6 days into 12/12 (after almost 3 months of veg), the smell is getting stronger so i had to figure it out so here's my ghetto diy air carbon scrubber set up using what i had laying around the house. not...
  18. Conradino23

    Completed Ramble In The Jungle Feat - OG Kush - Ultra Dog - Ghost Train Haze & Colombian Dog

    Another outdoor grow of mine done LOS & High Brix style with constant Brix readings will feature these strains... Ultra Dog F2 reg (private stock) OG Kush fem (private stock) Colombian Dog reg (private stock) Ghost Train Haze fem (Rare Dankness) No, I didn't buy any seeds...
  19. R

    Australia: The Perpetual War - Police Continue To Play Drug Dog Games

    Medical, social and legal attitudes to cannabis in NSW are changing. As jurisdictions around the world, including Portugal, Switzerland, Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Washington DC (to name a few) increasingly acknowledge the valuable medical applications of the plant as well as the basic...
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