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    Caution with dogs

    Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than any other mammal and can easily overdose on THC. So a lower dose should be used. Or use a low THC strain of Cannabis.
  2. Ron Strider

    CO: Police Drug Dogs Trained To Ignore Marijuana

    The world of law enforcement moves pretty quickly. Officers, including those with 4 legs, have to be ready for changes. That's the case at the Rifle Police Department where their 9-year-old police dog is being retired to make room for a new breed of drug dogs. These dogs are trained to...
  3. A

    Keep dog away

    Hi there. any tips for keeping your dog away from your plants outdoors aside from blocking it off
  4. Ron Strider

    Is Cannabis Toxic To Dogs

    It is surprisingly easy to fall into the trap of believing that something is true if you hear it repeated often enough. For instance, I had often heard that cannabis is toxic to animals, dogs in particular, which I accepted as a truism since I didn't have any evidence to contradict the premise...
  5. Ron Strider

    CO: Pot-Sniffing Dogs Role Unclear With Marijuana Legalized

    Deuce, a German Shepard with the Aurora Police Department, is sniffing around tables and a barbeque at a picnic area outside a police station. After a few minutes, he sits and fixes his gaze on a plastic trash can. Deuce's handler, Sgt. Brandon Samuels, removes a one-pound bag of marijuana he...
  6. Ron Strider

    Cannabis For Our Canines

    When Deb Lynam's golden retriever Benny suffered a major medical episode, she initially sought out traditional veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, she concluded that the recommendation she received could have harmed or even killed him. Two years ago Benny had a massive seizure. "It was...
  7. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Legalization Is Another Reason Dogs Should Not Issue Search Warrants

    Until recently, Kilo, a drug-detecting dog employed by the Moffat County, Colorado, sheriff's office, had a good, reliable gig, justifying searches by alerting to vehicles cops deemed suspicious. But a state appeals court ruling published last week casts doubt on Kilo's future. The decision...
  8. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana For Ailing Dog? Just Don't Let Him Inhale

    Question: I have a cat who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease and a dog whose arthritis has gotten really bad now that he's 13. I asked my veterinarian about using medical marijuana for them, and he actually laughed at me. If it's legal for humans why wouldn't it be OK for pets? Answer...
  9. Ron Strider

    Pot-Sniffing Dogs' Jobs Haven't Gone Up In Smoke

    Legal marijuana is in the air across California, but local and state law enforcement agencies say they won’t retire their pot-sniffing narcotics dogs anytime soon. At first, it might seem like California’s legalization of recreational pot would render canine units’ weed-sensitive noses...
  10. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana For Your Dog: Is It Safe

    Humans and the dog. We love them so! And we love our weed. But it's not necessarily the case that our pets should love our weed. That's not how the transitive property works. A recent New York Times article shined a spotlight on pet edibles, a growing niche within the burgeoning medical...
  11. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana Emerging As Effective Treatment For Some Pets

    Wiggles is one happy dog. The 6-year-old pup is active, and loves to play at the dog park. But three years ago, his owner, Becky Davies, thought those days were over. "When he was about three years old, I noticed he was in a lot of pain. He would wake up in the middle of the night crying when...
  12. Ron Strider

    Canada: Legal Pot Could Slow Border Crossings, Former U.S. Diplomat Warns

    The former U.S. ambassador to Canada warns the new marijuana law could effectively thicken the border as sniffer dogs trigger searches for marijuana that's illegal in the United States, but legal in Canada. Bruce Heyman, who served as U.S. ambassador in Ottawa under former president Barack...
  13. S

    Dope dogs

    Can the dope dogs the cops use detect edible marijuana?
  14. Katelyn Baker

    MA: With Marijuana Legal, Many Police Dogs Are Now Overqualified

    Quincy, Mass. - Before he was cleared to join the force, the newest dog at the Quincy Police Department was brought into a room containing more than 200 pounds of marijuana so his handler could see what he would do. "No interest whatsoever," said Lt. Robert Gillan. The dog, Charlie, passed...
  15. Katelyn Baker

    Treating Dogs With Hemp

    While medical marijuana moves to the mainstream, some pet owners are looking to hemp to treat their ill and anxious dogs. Julianna Carella, the CEO of Treatibles – an American company that sells the CBD-infused pet treats – said their sales are growing by about 5% to 10% each month...
  16. Katelyn Baker

    NV: How Will Legalized Marijuana Affect Reno Police Dogs?

    Will Northern Nevada's drug-sniffing dogs still alert for the presence of marijuana after Jan. 1 when it becomes legal? And will they be re-trained not to detect marijuana? - Short answers: If you or your belongings are subjected to a search by a drug-sniffing dog in Northern Nevada, the dog...
  17. J

    CBD for dogs?

    I couldn't find a specific CBD section so if I'm in the wrong spot, sorry. You can move my thread. I have a very small dog who is constantly shaking and had seizures when it was younger. It is very anxious and seems like the seizures might have given him brain damage or something because...
  18. T

    Marijuana for your best friend

    It looks like Colorado's medical marijuana program is also seeing success with animals, which is great news for man's best friend. Reference: Marijuana for Pets | Marijuana Packaging | Pulse
  19. Cannabelle

    Cannabelle's Elderly Cannadog

    Meet Cannadog This is my beloved Cannadog. He is about 15 years old which, according to WEBMD roughly equates to 76 in small dog years. Cannadog is an elderly long hair chihuahua-pekingese mix with cataracts, arthritis, and digestive issues. A couple of years ago, when I landed in the hospital...
  20. Cannabelle

    Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Case for Compassion

    The following article was written by Dr. Amanda Reiman, who is the California policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Based in San Francisco, Reiman leads the DPA's marijuana reform work in California. She has conducted numerous studies on medical marijuana dispensaries, medical...
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