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  1. J

    Jardinero - Spanish for hard money

    So now that California is recreational I will continue to do what I have been doing for years... grow me some backyard boogie...don't tell my neighbors please
  2. M

    Light cycle

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and apologise if I have missed something on newbie postings but just need a little info. I have heard of people in veg stage tricking the light cycle to keep electricity down by doing 12 hours on 5 off 2 on 5 off. Does anybody know if this is a good idea...
  3. R

    Newbie Grower

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kamelot and it's my first time growing cannabis i would just like to know if i'm doing it right Please check the photo TIA!
  4. L

    New grower from frozen hell of Finland

    Hello, I thought I'd introduce myself and maybe get few tips or something as Im first time grower. I thought I bought autoflower and being dumbass and new, and it being normal feminized strain(Lemon Haze OG, also got 3 of them in the tent), I let it vegetate for 5-6 weeks. Having 80x80x160cm...
  5. P

    Colas on one side growing faster than the other

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and very grateful for this forum! Okay. Doing my first grow. Everything is going well it seems, had our share of ups and downs but turning out well. One question I have is, after fiming, why are the colas on one side growing faster than the other? Is this a...
  6. 28 Grams

    How far do you guys keep your COBs from the top of the canopy?

    I'm on my first grow using COB's: 3 Vero 29 chips about 3 inches apart from each other in a line using 230W total. No optics. My plants which are in early flower seemed to be doing fine at 12" and I just lowered it to 11", so I'll see how it goes. I'm just curious to what everyone else is doing.
  7. Why Doe

    Defency or strain trait?

    Couldn't find any answers on this in my last grow, growing another blueberry and it's doing the exact same thing but this time it's doing it much earlier in flower. Leaves changing a Maroon/purple color. I'm thinking it's the strain but just want to be sure.
  8. N

    Need help diagnosing what's wrong with my plants?

    Can anyone help figure out whats going on with my plants? I'm 4 weeks into bud and everything seems to be doing fine(my buds are huge) but the leafs are getting spotty and burnt looking? Im doing DWC and I feed 50% less then what is advised on my nutrients chart. Am I over feeding still or...
  9. S

    White Widow auto isn't blooming!

    Hey everyone. First time grow with these Crop King White Widow Autoflower. Planted them in pots outside in a greenhouse on June 1st. That's about 40 days ago. Plants are doing very well. most are all over 4 feet tall and quite bushy. The greenhouse is facing south west so gets sun from 8am to 5...
  10. G

    Trimming leaves question

    Hello all, I've been trimming some leaves back to allow more light penetration. I've seen no consequences to doing this. I've also gone back days later and gone ahead and just removed the stems holding the leaves I have trimmed back. This, also seems to not hurt my plant, visually, at least...
  11. B

    Leaves sagging down

    I'm new to this forum and I'm a beginner. I started with hydroponic. I got two plants, both feeding from the same containers, same light, same nutrient. One is doing really well, but the other have the bottom leaves sagging down. I would appreciate some advice. thanks PS I uploaded two pictures...
  12. Southerncough

    Square Smart Pots?

    Wassap gardeners, has anyone tried the square mesh grow bags/smart pots? I gave the round 5 gallon ones a go and seemed to have decent luck with my last set up. Planning ahead for my next garden and thinking about doing 10-20 gal and doing my homework between staying with the mesh bags or...
  13. M

    Am I doing it right?

    Hey there everyone super new to the forum and growing community and recently have started my own grow room, I didn't get the seeds from a bank just a friend of my girlfriend. I'm posting today and will be in the future because I'd like to know if what I'm doing is correct and if not what I...
  14. jonny131

    2nd grow in 8 years

    Organic grow white widow and ak47 Seem to be doing fine
  15. A

    Hi - I'm new around here and I've got a brownie question

    So i know i have to create the cannabis butter or oil before doing the mix, but my question is: Will 5gr be enough for a 6 person brownie?
  16. J

    What's wrong here - Help please

    HEY GUYS... This gal has been doing great but a few days ago i noticed that far tip starting to curl and look necrotic, what am i doing wrong? That gal has been 3-4 inches from the closest cfl bulbs and i keep air flowing through and i keep my temp between 70-78 farenheit so idk whats...
  17. L


    This is my first indoor grow. I used an all organic supersoil and ph my water doing very good right. Ow just switched to 12/12 so very excited
  18. C

    New to growing but plants are doing good

    Hello I have been on for a few months and love reading everyone's inputs and ideas, just wanted to post some pics of the plants I started from seed. I purchased Money Maker and White Widow back in December 2016 from the 420 site . Here are some pics of how they are doing and...
  19. xcalibur25

    First time doing any thing with Crop King

    i ordered green crack white cookies bubba kush and crown royal. they said with such are large order there will be some surpises i have to room of 25plants for flower both with 5000. cool on a two stage central air unit. ran a test room was help at 78 while the other is at 77. must say they got...
  20. T

    LED grower

    Tyring to switch over to leds. Coast and heat are why. I'm doing a 4x4 tent and was wondering about lights.
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