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  1. I

    IceyyBeats' Black Domina, Master Kush & Blue Cookies Indoor Grow - First Time Grower

    What's up guys, this is my first grow that I've ever attempted to do. I have invested a decent amount of money in it though. Starting this a bit late, I've had my main 3 plants in the cups w/ soil for about 8 days now. They took around 2 days to germinate in a paper towel. Whenever I water I...
  2. A

    Black Domina - Slow plant growth - Can you offer some suggestions?

    Strain: Afghan Kush x Black Domina Breeder: World of Seeds Type: Feminized Germinated: 6/21/2017 Lighting: 2 x Mars Hydro 300w LED Temp: 80-85F Humidity: 40-60% Light cycle: 18/6 Soil grow: Sunshine Pro Growing Mix Circulation: 4" 190cfm Tent: 2.5ft x 4ft x 5ft Nutrients (mL/Gal)...
  3. K

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket Grow Veg - 250w MH 18/6 Flowering - 400w HPS & 150w led 12/12 Training - Topped once and tied down with defoliation 100% perlite in 3 gallon bucket Lucas formula with General Hydro nutrients mixed in RO water
  4. LiftedMind

    Big Black Domina & Girl Scout Cookies x Green Crack - Cree LED - Coco

    YO YO YO Have you ever smoked weed so good it messed up your entire weed game? In high school, roughly 11 years ago, I met a loner-stoner guy. He would usually smoke by himself. One day, we eventually started talking and smoking. Smoking his weed. The best weed I've ever had in my life. A...
  5. GreenmanQLD

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina: 450W LED, DWC

    Hey Guys, This will be my third 'Journal in progress' in the grow room now, I am currently germinating my single Afghan Kush x Black Domina feminised seed I received as a freebie from the the guys at Herbie's Seedbank (love those dudes). I will be Vegging under CFL and moving to the flowering...
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