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    Pineapple Express: indica dominate or sativa dominate?

    Hi, I've read claims both ways. I'm asking about G13 Labs Pineapple Express hybrid. Some seed companies call it indica dominate, others sativa. Most people say it's a sativa, but many say indica. What are the properties of the high? This is my first experience with it. G13's website has...
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    Cali OG Kush/Haze

    Hi BOTL and SOTL, Has anyone have any experiences with this strain? Picked up a 5 pk and popped one bean. It's been solo cupped for a week with 13 other mixed strains in a closet and all are coming along fine. I'm in the east coast and with the limited grow season, and this being a sativa...
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    Sandals - AKA Baby Sky

    This journal is about a clone of Skywalker OG I received recently. Some of you may have heard the name before, but this journal is about the Sativa dominate Skywalker OG that is only available as a clone, not the Indica dominate strain that you can get seeds for. Sandals, AKA Baby Sky started...
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