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  1. M

    How to transplant from gro bags without damaging the plant?

    Outgrew the 3gal. must move up,how is this done compared to standard plastic containers?
  2. J

    Otterly Spaced

    High everyone. JayTheOtter here. Been smoking for a long time mainly to avoid he cluches of prescription medication. Also am by no means a connoisseur but I do love me weed that get the job done right and calm the near crippling social anxiety haha. Have a fantastic day if you are reading...
  3. C

    LST Autoflowers

    Good idea to LST autoflowers? I keep reading mixed reports about it, anybody done it and had success or anybody done it and its not worked out? What's people's opinions on this?
  4. cannilingus

    My outdoor OG Kush - Dinafem

    its august 24, now. for a week or so, she is showing lots of buds comming forth. looks to be long, colas afer they fill in. i am in the pacific northwest, about 25 miles south of seattle, wa. usa. I have never done one of these outside. They seem to get done, indoors, before 8 weeks in the bloom...
  5. B

    New to the site

    Just started growing and my seedling looks like this, I have done countless research. Any help?
  6. S


    Does anyone know what this is? And how to treat it if something needs to be done?
  7. B

    Quick questions for a 12 12 from seed grow

    Approximently how tall could a plant grow under a 600w hps if it were done 12/12 from seed in a grow cab? pot size is 5 gallon. And what could the expected yield be if done correctly ?
  8. T

    When will they be done flowering? (pictures)

    Hello any ideas when they will be done flowering I am in day 62 Strain is bulk seed bank ak and northern lights expected 60-75days it says. is it lookig more like 75 days? DSC 0191 — imgbb.com DSC 0190 — imgbb.com DSC 0188 — imgbb.com DSC 0180 — imgbb.com
  9. fanleaf

    Harvestright freeze dryer for weed? Done and cured in a day!

    Hey guys. I can only find a few guys online who have had access to the right equipment to try this and those few who do have said that freeze drying their bud is not only done in a day but preserves and makes the terpenes just crazy strong. They say that not only that but the bud breaks up...
  10. D


    I wish 420 would make asking a question not so dam hard! This site is greatly over done!!!!
  11. D

    When will she be done?

    I'm a first time grower and I'm growing Candy Cane Autoflowring seeds from Crop kings my plants are frosty and stinky and I don't have a microscop to properly check the plant out so I need som advice some advice some wisdom some something it's been growing 12weeks total and it's in the 7th week...
  12. H

    Confessions Of A Pirate Pot Grower

    Does anybody do this anymore? Planting on ground that maybe doesn't exactly belong to you? I've done it many times with mixed success. I was just wondering...I haven't done it for a few years but i'm sort of getting the itch...
  13. G

    The Mighty Mouse - Help

    is it possible to grow 9lbs a year with only 2-3 600w or 2 1000w BUDGET: $5000 YEARLY HARVEST GOAL: 9lbs PLANT COUNT: must be 5 or less or 6-20 and i would much rather do the 5 (this means with mother clones everything) GROW MEDIUM: soil GROW AREA either 6x6 or 8x8 iv done a few 1-2...
  14. P

    Order of setup for water mixture

    I was thinking about starting fresh with new water/nutrient mix when I flip in another week or so since I'm pretty sure it could have been done better in the beginning. Keep in mind this is my first grow. Is this a good idea given I don't trust how it was done? Or is it better to just keep...
  15. T

    Help please

    What have I done wrong? And how do I fix it?
  16. G

    First grow

    Using a space bucket with CFL's. Northern lights. Probably at least 2 grams when done drying and curing. We will see.
  17. S


    From my understanding pinching causes the plant to temporarily slow down in upward growth encouraging lower plant growth. My question is can pinching be done whIle the plant is in flower? Or is this something that should be done in growth stage? Would that stress the plant? I haven't tried this...
  18. PE636

    Tent size question

    Hey guys and gals, I am a new indoor grower looking for a bit of advice... I am working with a 2x4x5 tent, 4inch fan, carbon filter air cooled 400w MH/hps, growing in slightly underfilled (to keep height down) 5gal smart pots with a 70/30 coco perlite mix. Using GH performance pack which...
  19. A

    What are the main indoor pests to watch out for?

    Before there's a problem i need to buy things to take care of it. Sierra natural science spider mite spray seems to be a big seller for spider mites but what else should I be picking up? I also have a fly strip in my tent which has done a great job so far although I do have a few gnats still...
  20. T

    Time To Go Again - Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Step By Step From Seed - 4x4 - 600W HPS

    After using clones last time and getting poor results I'm gonna go from seed this time and have full control of how they grow.. This grow will be done using a 4 x 4 tent, a T5 vegging light to get them going and switching to 250 watt hps to do the last stages of vegging, before flowering with...