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  1. johnnystackz

    Sponsored Grow: Dope Seeds, Gelato & Zkittlez

    ~ Welcome to the sponsored grow brought to you by @johnnystackz & @Dope-Seeds.com ~ Let’s jump right into it for this run I’m going to be doing an autorun from dope seeds that I was likely to get it very very fast. The seeds sprouted really fast overnight don’t have too much of a tail but I...
  2. IMG_0045.jpeg


    @Dope-Seeds.com run coming up. Black Skull, WEDDING CAKE and DOS-SI-DOS
  3. VetSmoke85

    Vetsmoke Goes Perpetual With Bonsai Mothers, Clones & DIY Builds

    Hi All! Got a lot of new stuff coming up so I thought I would start a fresh journal to document my new setup, plans and progression in one consolidated thread which will stay ongoing for the foreseeable. You may want to grab a brew, spark up a smoke and get comfy as this is quite a long intro...
  4. Dkmg01

    DK's Grow Show With The Mars Hydro FC3000: Sponsored Grow

    Good day and hello :ciao: to all my fellow growers! :Namaste: My name is DKMG01 but you can call me DK. I am from South Africa and have almost 2 years experience in growing. I am starting my new grow journal with new hardware! The gorgeous FC3000 Firstly I'm overwhelmed to have the chance...
  5. Kalashnikov


  6. Kalashnikov


  7. MrSauga

    Sauga Grows With Virgin Ground

    Hey everybody! Welcome to our new adventure together. I'm so excited to be doing a joint journal with Virgin Ground and it's something that should have happened a long time ago, except I kept forgetting we had a date. Like a good soldier she is, VG kindly reminded me not to forget anymore, so...
  8. Auto Kalashnikov

    Auto Kalashnikov

    Auto Kalashnikov from dope seeds.
  9. Greenhouse


    Day 37 flower
  10. Amnesia, sister glue, critical mass, bcg

    Amnesia, sister glue, critical mass, bcg

  11. Amnesia


  12. Amnesia


  13. Shiva Skunk and Amnesia

    Shiva Skunk and Amnesia

  14. Amnesia


    Dope Seeds
  15. Amnesia


  16. Amnesia


  17. Amnesia


    Dope Seeds
  18. Sex Wax, Kalashnikov, Red Afro -3 gal

    Sex Wax, Kalashnikov, Red Afro -3 gal

    1 gal- bcg, Amnesia, critical mass, sister glue, gg4, cheese.green gelato
  19. Kalashnikov


  20. Amnesia


    Dope seeds
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