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    On RSO and tumor is still growing - What's wrong?

    New member, So my mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen that is consider stage two diffuse large b cell lymphoma non hodgkin's back in July 2017 , her tumor size was 4cm. She began taking RSO oil (74.6%thc and 0.18% CBD) via suppository and an ultrasound taken October 29 2017...
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    Cervical cancer and cannabis dosage

    Hello, everyone I've recently been diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer. I am 63 years old Can anyone help me to learn what cannabis products I can use here in U.K.? Suppliers? And what kinds of dosage I should be looking at? Many thanks for any help you can give
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    Best CBD for COPD and dosage

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    Cannabis-infused olive oil

    I have stage 4 severe emphysema (COPD) and aged 71. In addition, I have 2 stomach ulcers, arthritis in arm joints, a hernia and cluster migraines. I'm not looking for a cure, which would be great, but relief from pain and most important some mobility. I have ordered some seeds : Aurora...
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    Patient getting too high

    Hi folks, Someone I know who is taking home-made oil that has been made in a fairly decent process (youtube link below) from weed bought in a Dutch coffeeshop seems to be getting too "high" when ingesting the oil, which is diluted about 1:6 with olive oil. They started with 3 drops and...
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    Metastatic cancer treatment questions

    Hello, I was diagnosed with a nasty and rare cancer, called chordoma, a year ago. After the initial tumor was removed, the cancer quickly metastasized and spread all over my body. I have tumors in my neck, airway, lungs, and subcutaneously. I estimate that my body is about 20% cancer tumor...
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    Seeking Suggestions RE Cheeba Chews for Back Pain

    I am hoping that non-psychoactive Cheeba Chews can help me sleep better at night, relieving back pain from a herniated disc condition. To make a long story short, I took 10 MG last night and felt no effects as a result (though my wife says that it caused me to sweat more than I normally do)...
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    What's the buzz like?

    Hello and thank you to all who have posted topical recipes here. My question is, how psychoactive is it when used this way? I want to make a recipe for my elderly aunt, and I am wondering how much to use, and whether I need to warn her about any "trippy" reactions. I plan to trial my results...
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