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  1. SweetSue

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Now for something different..... @Bucudinkydow has stumbled on the simple method of consuming ground decarbed bud. He’s been using the method for a while, but finds himself stymied over finding a way to get a consistent dose. Weighing may be an option, if a good scale is available, in which...
  2. C

    Measuring Calcium & Magnesium Levels - Coco Noir

    Hi from the UK. I'm a newbie starting out in the wonderful endevour of growing my own weed. As you are probably aware this is still illegal in the UK with draconian punishments (Prison) for those who try it. Do I give a F**K? Not when I read of the good it could possibly do me. So I did...
  3. C

    Very confused with dosing my wife

    Cannabis oil
  4. SweetSue

    The Basic Links For Patients & Caregivers

    The Basic Links For Patients and Caregivers There's so much information on site about using cannabis medicinally that it can be overwhelming. It might be helpful to have a small list of links to threads that will move you more quickly past confusion and onto a healing path. Once you have your...
  5. HashGirl

    Wanted recommendations for good dosing syringes

    Hello. My plastic dosing syringes keep jamming up after multiple uses with my canna-infused oils. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different kind? I was thinking glass might be better but I haven't had much luck finding glass ones.
  6. SweetSue

    Cannabis Dosing: Delivery Methods & Dosing Guidelines

    I recently took an online course on Cannabis Delivery and Dosing taught by Deborah Malka, MD, PhD. This thread is my notes, with some additional materials added. There will be other additions as I get further into the study of all things cannabis. I welcome any information you might have that...
  7. P

    Patient getting too high

    Hi folks, Someone I know who is taking home-made oil that has been made in a fairly decent process (youtube link below) from weed bought in a Dutch coffeeshop seems to be getting too "high" when ingesting the oil, which is diluted about 1:6 with olive oil. They started with 3 drops and...
  8. R

    Illinois: Cannabis Infused Edibles Are A Life Changing Treatment

    This month, patients were able to buy cannabis-infused products that include "edibles." This is a significant milestone as it provides another option for patients who cannot, or choose not to smoke cannabis. The Associated Press article "Medical marijuana edibles debut in Illinois, come with...
  9. J

    Dosing pump for indoor growing

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, my apologies if this isn't the proper place for this thread; still got to learn this blog. I just finished my first indoor grow with a descent yield imo. But for my second grow, I'm looking to automated some part of my growing. Don't worry, plenty of love...
  10. C

    DWC Nutrient Question

    Heya All Big Hello from NZ Got a question on what the majority of you guys do with nutrient dosing to your RDWC or DWC's. Say i had individual DWC's with water volumes of 50Litres each, now the plants will use approx 5 litres each per week, leaving 45 litres of nutirent water to dispose off...
  11. S

    Help! My tumors are still growing!

    Hey, All, I am posting because I am on my cancer healing journey all alone and I have some questions I hope you can help me with. I have metastatic chordoma (rare and deadly type of cancer). I started taking RSO/concentrated cannabis oil the last week in December. Two months later and an...
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