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    Pass a DOT urinalysis - I just did in 2 weeks plus a random pass technique

    So I have to take both random and scheduled drug tests. I use sub solution prank urine with a thigh strap and it works. It's the best if not monitored because you can heat it with the provided warming powder in seconds...but you must shake the bottle so be ready to gently shake it for 30 seconds...
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    DOT - Marijuana Still Banned For Truckers Despite Ballot Victories

    After four more states voted to approve legalization of marijuana Tuesday, it appears the Department of Transportation will stand by its previous stance that using marijuana is forbidden for truck drivers as long as it remains a Schedule I drug. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...
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    Highest chance of passing a drug test

    Hello, I recently got a job opportunity that is honestly my dream job, but there's one problem. I've smoked about a gram of mid to high grade weed every day for about a month straight and I also dab every once in a while. I have a pre-employment drug test in 13 days. The test follows DOT...
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