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    Strange dots on leaves and also strange grow of new leaves

    Hello all, I grow Ayahuasca plant. In the last day top leaves start to grow very strange - like folded into itself. In addition several of leaves have a strange dots on the leaves. In the start the distance was 35-40cm but now after the dots poped out the distance between the plant and HPS was...
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    Strange brown & black dots on petioles! Please help!

    Hi, we have a number of plants growing outdoors (different strains). Recently some of them have begun developing these dots on their petioles and moving into the leaf. I have attached some pictures. I haven't seen something like this before. We do not know if it is natural, a fungus, or a virus...
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    Small white dots on my seedling

    Hello everyone! This is my first grow so i dont know to much so i came here for help. I got this 18 days old seedling and when i took a closeup picture i noticed many small white dots i guess i could call them: Are those some kind of pets or fungus?
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    Help needed please!

    Hi everyone I'm new here but have learnd a lot from here I'm a new indoor grower using the dwc method using hydroton rockwool general hhydroponics flora 3 part series and cfl's...I've run into many problems along the way of starting up but this one has me stumped no idea why or wat is happening...
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    1st Grow - Outdoors - Mild Climate

    Greetings blessed ones! I'm a few weeks into my first grow and what a baptism of fire it's been. First up I've been doing as much reading as possible, made a few mistakes and hopefully getting a few things right. Also asking questions and receiving some help from a gardening friend, who...
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    Couple of small issues which I'm not aware of how to address

    Red dots, stems leaning and brownish at the very base. I keep the water fresh by changing it once a week (distilled water) and I keep the TDS levels at 750-850 PPM. Temps hover from 78-88 in my cabinet. Both plants have small red dots but only one's stem is tilting over and it feels that the...
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