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double ended

  1. T

    New Purchase Reviews

    I recently purchased several new items, thought I would take the time to offer my review and opinions in case anyone is interested. Hurricane 8" Inline Fan 745 CFM--Bigger room required more exhaust. This fan was bought to replace a 6" inline fan I had used for years, but I cannot recall the...
  2. S

    Hydro - 1000W Double Ended Bulbs - First Time Using

    :welcome: Whats up all!! Wanted to document my first run using DOUBLE ENDED (DE) bulbs. Now keep in mind that I am still somewhat a newb as well, but have some great help and guidance. So, hopefully things will go smoothly without too many hitches. Info.... 2x 1000W DE bulbs/wing reflectors...
  3. Dankroots619

    Waterchilled 8 Gallon DWC - Tangie - SolisTek Double Ended - Newbie

    Hello fellow growers, been growing on and off for some time now, always wanted to take a shot at some DWC goodness and finally took the plunge. This is a test run for the new system to kind of get a feel for things. Currently building a DIY UC 4XL system. So lets get rolling :420: Setup Sun...
  4. Whitehammer61

    1000W Double-Ended - 4x8 Gallon RDWC - 5x5 Gorilla Grow

    Hello fellow growers this is going to be my first documented grow. Been growing on and off for sometime now. This is going to be my first run at dwc. Pretty excited to share my grow with my fellow growers. Always learning new things and ready to learn more, so please feel free to throw your...
  5. C

    Crisisb3 - 1000 Watt DE - Ebb & Gro - SFV OG - 2015

    Hello, I am creating this new thread to help me in progressing with my ability. Also maybe to help other people in be progress. This will be the first time I have ever done a thread and vey much so intend on finishing I will take pictures of the room throughout the entire process . Explain...