1. G

    Need advice about drying bud

    Hi everybody! So I'll start off by saying I'm about to cut down and harvest my first grow ever in a couple days and I'm not quite sure the best method for drying the buds. I know you're supposed to hang them upside down in complete darkness but I've been reading a lot of different ways...
  2. S

    First time grower - Help confirming sex

    I think I know the answer to my question but was looking for some insight before I burn down the tent... Can someone confirm that the pictures below are in fact male plants? End of Week 1 in flower after 8 weeks of vegetation. First grow and it looks like I'm 3 for 3 on males..
  3. Ron Strider

    Denmark: Danish Companies Gearing Up For Cannabis Farming

    As of 1 January 2018 it will be possible to obtain a receipt for medicinal cannabis, thanks to a broadly-supported decision by Parliament last year. Now, a decision is to be made on whether it can be grown in Denmark. A total of 13 companies have already applied for permission from the...
  4. K

    New grower questions

    Hello all, I'm currently on my first grow with FastBuds genetics ( 2 six shooter, one green crack, and one Pineapple Express). They are on day 20 from seed and they're looking very good. I gave them a lite feed the other day with biogrow from biobizz and I've been watering with orca mycorrhizae...
  5. R

    PH down liquid or powder

    I had bought a liquid PH kit that came with 2 small bottles of DOWN and UP. I literally used almost 70% of the PH DOWN just to get two 5 gallon reservoirs (buckets) to 5.8-6.0 PH which I had only put roughly 3 gallons of 7.6 PH water in each reservoir. For 1 gallon of the liquid PH DOWN is...
  6. Ron Strider

    CA: LA's Proposed Pot Rules A Downer For Dispensaries

    Recreational marijuana users may be looking forward to Jan. 1, the day the drug becomes legal in California, but for Los Angeles-based cannabis businesses that date is nothing to celebrate. That's because the LA City Council's latest draft of cannabis regulations requires current marijuana...
  7. WoundedKnee

    Greetings from Down Under!

    G'day! Just a quick hello from the land Down Under. I have just popped a couple of beans in the propagation tray and my lights and tent are on their way. I had a nasty accident where I had to snap my knee to escape and overturned boat in white water. 3 failed surgeries have left me with...
  8. G

    Help needed

    i recently had temperature above 30 degrees, the plant was outdoors and get direct sun half day. I moved the plant indoors due to the heat as because the plant is starting curling and some leaves are turned down. any ideas how I can help the plant. this is lemon Kush, roughly 2 , 2.5 month old ??
  9. Furcifer

    Completed 2017 Aliens Have Landed! Leaving Behind Elite Ecwam & Deweyponics

    HAhahahaha and a $#!T load of seeds. Cute, huh.... Seriously, I finally got Fed-up with chasing the Organic train that technically does NOT exist in hydroponics... Considering the high end sterile nutrient lines (Not to be confused with anything from AN)lol More on this subject...
  10. B

    Leaves sagging down

    I'm new to this forum and I'm a beginner. I started with hydroponic. I got two plants, both feeding from the same containers, same light, same nutrient. One is doing really well, but the other have the bottom leaves sagging down. I would appreciate some advice. thanks PS I uploaded two pictures...
  11. Why Doe

    Question about foliar feeding

    I like to spray my girls down with water mixed with a little bit of seaweed extract PH'd down to 6.5 once or twice a day. Question is should I do this during flower or no?
  12. Ron Strider

    Joe Buck Tells Absurd Story About The Time He Tried A Pot Brownie In Cabo

    FOX Sports' Joe Buck joined the Dan Le Batard Show on Monday to talk about baseball things ahead of Tuesday's MLB All-Star game. So naturally, the conversation took a turn, and he ended up sharing a story about his reaction to eating a pot brownie for the first time. As they were joking about...
  13. umutyuss

    All leaves tips curling down

    Hello I have 1 white widow and in flowering stage day maybe 20-25. Im using 250 w perfect g/m/b and greate white for feeding.last time i used 2 lt 8 ml water solutin and now tips looks dow and looks not verry sad for the situation
  14. J

    If i had three plants, Removed two, would then the one become a monster plant?

    So basicly, the title says it all! Im asking this as i have 3 plants who seemed to have slowed down on pace since starting flowering(Sensi Skunk Automatic) I use a Mars Hydro II 900 And was curious to wether if i took two of the three down, Would the last one(Id keep the biggest one) Turn into a...
  15. A

    What can cause plants to suddenly wilt in hydro?

    The night before, everything is fine.and i plus some ph down and purning 2 little small buds in the button. just a normal day.and at "9week floering" All leaf is drop and branch is Sagging by one night. I have no clue why this previously healthy plant is doing this. All my equipment...
  16. Ron Strider

    NV: Smoking Pot On The Las Vegas Strip

    In a tourism-driven state like Nevada, what is the benefit of legalizing marijuana if there is no place that tourists can legally smoke it? That question certainly must have come across the minds of those behind the legalization initiative approved by voters in November. Yet, as state Sen...
  17. 8Yoyoyo

    New Growers - Need Help

    My leaves are curling down
  18. H

    Cops Ran Through My Weed Patch

    My buddy Bob had quite a few seeds so we went down to N.E. Missouri to my Dad's abandoned farm and found this little piece of bottom ground by a creek which looked good. Hadn't been planted with anything for years. We spent the best part of an afternoon hoeing up a plot about 20 by 20 with...
  19. 1

    Auto flowerRegular Seeds

    Hi folks , does anyone know or have a short list of any company(s) that sell auto flower "regular" seeds . Ive tried many sites including drop down search menus etc and cant find much at all.
  20. coralman

    Powder Citric Acid pH Down

    Has anyone used powdered citric acid for an organic ph down, its a lot cheaper than the organic ph down in hydro shop which is basically the same thing. Basically im after some sort of ratios of acid to water to make a solution i can slowly add to my water. thank you
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