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  1. dynamo1

    Cannot download photos

    I requested a photo that would not load properly be removed, now I am unable to download any photos, please help
  2. A

    Hey guys - I'm a bit concerned can you experienced auto growers help?

    I have a 1.2m sqared tent, I hace a bubba kush, white widow, northern lights, and 5big bangs, but today I think I noticed 2 of my big bangs turned hermie on me or were male to begin with, what do you guys thing, any help would be amazing, I 1st noticed right at the top of plant where the...
  3. Mr. Krip

    Mr. Krip's Grow Schedule Manager Download

    MR. KRIP'S GROW SCHEDULE MANAGER - FLOWER/BLOOM CYCLE Several people have requested copies of the spreadsheet I use to track my perpetual grow where I have up to 24 plants in the flower tent at any one time, and all plants are started at different dates. :420: was kind enough to make it...
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