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  1. Pantagruel

    Pantagruel's Return - Pure Kush - LSD - Red Dragon - Blue Widow

    Back after a few years off. My wife's mom moved in with us and I lost my room. Just moved into a new house, got a decent grow space again. I've had some seeds in the crisper drawer for over two years now. Took a nice selection, Pure Kush, LSD, Red Dragon, Blue Widow. All 4 popped! Last of the...
  2. GaBoy420

    The Birth Of Grand Purple Dragon Starring Grandaddy Purple & Blue Dragon

    What Strain is it? Grand Purple Dragon F1 (Grandaddy Purple x Blue Dragon) Soil or Hydro? Reused Organic Living Soil Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor (In a pot) How often are you watering? As needed when it doesn't rain Nutes? Aloe, Coconut water, Fush emulsion & Black Strap Molasses Good Afternoon...
  3. arellanobrian

    2016 Mars Pro - Coco/Perlite - SCROG - Dark Dragon Kingdom Organic Seeds Pheno Hunt

    Welcome back to my Mars Pro series LED tester Grow! i have been honored with the chance to test out mars new pro series panel and have 1 grow under my belt with it. This time around i will be growing in my medium of choice, a perlite/coco mix so there should be minimal issues with increased...
  4. Curly Beaver

    Can you concentrate Green Dragon?

    I made up a 300ml batch of Green Dragon that I would like to make more concentrated if possible... it works fine but takes 5ml (1 tsp) to do the job, I wouldn't mind except it tastes terrible! I asked someone to pick up a bottle of EverClear for me and they couldn't find it so they brought back...
  5. V

    Dragon LST

    My first plant. Tried out some LST. I think it looks kind of like a Dragon. Some big ol' fan leaves for wings and lots of bud sites going down her back for scales... Just thought I'd share.
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