1. P

    Seedling growth stopped

    Hello everybody I'm a first time grower and I need some guidence from you guys. First some info about my grow: -Strain: she(I hope so) is a bagseed -Tent: 80x80x180 cm / 3x3x6 -Light: I started with 1 20w cfl then switched to 200w DIY Cob LEDs so I believe thats why it stretched this much...
  2. F

    Water is at 6.5 but the drainage water is at 6 - More problems

    Hi like the titled mentionned it, when I water my plants I use 6.5 ph water. however I tested the drainage water and it was at 6. What is going on? A salt residue? Also, and im pretty sure of this, there are a few brown spots that are appearing on some of the leaves. Could this be a bad ph...
  3. cnile

    Indoor garden drainage systems DIY - How to?

    Im going to be lst and trellising my plants in a 10'x12' room. if im using a trellis with screen of green method then the plants are somewhat fixed in position im using coco so ill need monthly flushing and run off at each watering. do you guys have any ideas for a drainage system for my...
  4. D

    Is this adequate drainage for solo cup?

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil.
  5. F

    Will A LAYER of Clay Pellets in soil increase pot drainage?

    Im doing a passive hydro with a peatmoss soilless mix(sunshine mix#4) and i heard that if you mix clay pellets or rather put a Layer of clay in the middle that u can increase drainage in turn resulting in more frequent waterings/fertilzers with less chance of salt build up and nut lock...
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